Maine Democrat Party Manager Wants to Abolish Cops

7/19/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The Special Projects Manager for the Maine Democrat Party is advocating not just the abolition of ICE, but for an end to all law enforcement.

The image above is from Democrat Staffer, Jensen Cook’s Facebook page.

Her ideas of how to replace law enforcement are laughable — if not scary.

Cook’s seems to hold a view of the world where no bad things happen, there are no bad people and no one is out to hurt anyone else.

What’s missing from Cook’s plan to replace law enforcement agencies is, who do we call when someone is breaking into our homes? Who do we call when we’ve been mugged or assaulted? Who do we call when people are infringing on our private property rights? Who do women call when they’ve been raped? Who does a wife call if she’s been abused by her husband? The list of examples could go on-and-on.

In last week’s Maine Event, Maine First Media detailed ICE’s new program to combat human sex trafficking and Female Genital Mutilation. Since Cook is so determined to abolish ICE and all other forms of law enforcement, we have to wonder what 311 would do to stop young girls from having their genitals mutilated, or from being sold into a life of forced, underage prostitution?

Before being promoted by the Maine Democrat Party to Special Projects Manager, she was a field staffer for the party. Cook also has worked as an organizer for socialist Presidential Candidate, Bernie Sanders.

You can see more of her radical views on her Facebook page. Along with calling Republicans terrorists, Cook supports allowing non-doctors perform abortions, reparations, self-injection facilities for drug addicts to shoot up, the destruction of careers based on false allegations, bringing down capitalism and more.

And those are just the posts that are public. One can only imagine the radical nature of the posts only her friends can see.

It is important to note that the MaineDemocrat Party not only employs someone with these out-of-touch views — but promoted that person to management.

This is the new Left. They are radical and they are unhinged. Is there any wonder why Democrats with any common sense are walking away from the party in droves? #WalkAway.