Harboring Haven Policies Endangering New England Women

7/19/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

A new report shows about half of the illegal aliens arrested in Massachusetts were able to avoid deportation due to Harboring Haven policies.

The report from the Boston office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement shows that from March 19 and May 30, 2018 municipalities in the Commonwealth helped about 50% of the 456 arrested illegals escape prosecution from ICE.

ImmigrationReform.com recently highlighted one case of an illegal being released that is particularly disturbing.

“Despite nine previous deportations, and against the government’s recommendation, authorities in Massachusetts saw fit to release Mexican national Bulmaro Enriquez without bail, but under the conditions that he abide by a curfew, post equity in his girlfriend’s home and show up for his October sentencing date. Habitual violation of U.S. immigration law is not his only offense. According to the Justice Department, Enriquez violated his pretrial release by testing positive for cocaine and buprenorphine and is also facing state charges for domestic assault and battery.”

Unfortunately, the above case isn’t an outlier. Each month, in Boston alone, ICE receives hits on about 400 crimes involving illegals. The offenses range from rape, and firearms possession, to drug trafficking and domestic violence.

ImmigrationReform.com reports that some more examples of the criminals released by Harboring Havens (or so-called “sanctuary cities”) include:

  • A native of the Dominican Republic who been convicted of assault and deported before allegedly raping a female Boston College student in the back seat of his car
  • A Guatemalan arrested on charges of domestic assault and battery, but released by local police before being captured by ICE in January
  • Two natives of the Dominican Republic were charged with intent to distribute cocaine and heroin, but were released (and remain at large) after an ICE detainer was ignored by Worcester police.

Conservative-populist non-profit, Maine First Project noticed many of the crimes committed are violent acts against women.

“Where is the Left’s zero tolerance for violence against women,” Maine First Project Executive Director, Zach Gelpey asked. “In Massachusetts and elsewhere — it’s AWOL.”

Gelpey points out that this problem isn’t just in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, it’s spread throughout New England, including the Pine Tree State.

“We have the same problem in Maine,” Gelpey said. “Angry, unhinged feminists like Speaker of the Swamp, (Rep. Sara) Gideon defend Portland’s Harboring Haven ordinance. That ordinance protects violent criminal aliens from deportation. In fact, she called a bill to defund Harboring Havens a ‘blatantly racist’ proposal.”

Gelpey points out that Maine women are at risk because of these Harboring Haven policies.

“So, the open-borders crowd is okay with the status quo,” Gelpey asked rhetorically. “Where a career criminal non-citizen commits domestic assault, but is allowed to remain in Portland because the city protects these criminal aliens from deportation?”

Maine First Project has made fighting against Harboring Havens arguably their number one priority. In the below video, they depict the dangers of inviting illegal aliens into our state. Harboring Havens, combined with generous welfare benefits act as a massive magnet drawing illegals across our state line. Meanwhile, our police officers are handcuffed and muzzled — barred from working with agencies like ICE.

In Maine, current immigration law prevents non-citizens with a history of breaking the law from being deported. WGME’s I-Team found a non-citizen murderer — with a past criminal record including drug smuggling, domestic abuse and stalking — was never deported even after killing an innocent Maine teenager.

And this problem isn’t exclusive to New England. New York City has incredibly lax Harboring Haven polices. A similar three-month review in the Big Apple revealed hundreds of dangerous criminals were let off the hook. And making matters worse, many of those released criminals would latter commit more violent crimes.

Meanwhile, Gelpey says if more voters knew about stories like these, politicians like Swamp Speaker Gideon would be looking for new lines of work.

“If Maine’s Fake News industry ever engaged in honest journalism on this issue, Rep. Gideon and her corrupt caucus of trained seals would be driven from office by the voters.”

Maine First Project has been spreading the word about open-border politicians who put the wants of illegals ahead of the needs of Mainers. They say while we still haven’t seen legislation pass, Maine is getting closer to cracking down on Harboring Havens.

“Maine First Project President, Rep. Larry Lockman keeps introducing bills to penalize Harboring Havens like Portland,” Gelpey said. “And each time, we get a few votes closer to passage. Because each election cycle, more swamp critters who support Harboring Havens are replaced with Maine-first candidates who want those municipalities defunded.”

You can click here to see which Representatives in the House voted in favor of Harboring Havens this past session. And you’ll find the at-a-glance Harboring Haven vote count for the Senate by clicking here.