YouTube Removes Video of Somali Gang Attack in Lewiston

6/14/18 Maine First Media Staff Report,

YouTube has pulled a Maine First Media video showing a gang of Somali kids attacking two parkgoers in Lewiston. We have moved the video to Vimeo.

In a story broke by Maine First Media, the attack happened back in mid-May at Kennedy Park.

One of the victims was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

The victim decided against pressing charges. Lewiston police told Maine First Media they were unable to pursue charges because the victim and witness declined to issue official statements. This is a common problem in the Lewiston/Auburn area. Fearful victims don’t press charges, meaning the crime isn’t included in Lewiston’s crime stats — statistics Mayor Shane Bouchard consistently brags about.

In response to the gang assault, Lewiston Police tell Maine First Media they are adding more patrols to the park.

However, many Lewiston parents say they’re still afraid to bring their children to play at Kennedy Park.

YouTube says the video violates their “community guidelines.” They point to the video showing minors involved in acts of violence as the reason for pulling the video from the site. Of course, you can find thousands of videos involving violence and minors on YouTube.

The social media conglomerate is part of the Google empire and has a history of censoring political speech they disagree with.

Attacks like these are just the latest sign the refugee resettlement experiment has failed Mainers. And unfortunately, Somali refugees in Maine have rejected the idea of assimilation (roughly the 1:30 mark in the video).

Maine First Media has offered the following plan to end the refugee resettlement racket here in the Pine Tree State:

  • All refugee resettlement plans shall be presented to local voters of towns that are selected for refugee resettlement. Two-thirds of local voters must approve the plans. These plans shall include comprehensive information regarding the funding and housing of all refugees.
  • All refugees shall have a financially stable sponsor who is a legal American citizen.
  • All initial and subsequent costs of refugee resettlement shall be covered by private, non-government funds.
  • Refugee resettlement shall not be considered a pathway to citizenship. Resettlement should be legally and statutorily defined as a contractual obligation with a mandatory termination date.
  • Refugee resettlement programs shall be repurposed as training programs for qualified refugee applicants who wish to attain valuable skills and education that can be utilized to improve their homelands. This should be a comprehensive partnership between government and the market sector to train motivated applicants who are willing to assist in creating economic and political stability in their homelands. And let it be Mainers who are paid to teach them these skills.

  • This is complete B.S., for Americans to be treated like this when they are forced to accept refuges in their neighborhoods !
    This needs to be stopped immediately or the United States will turn into cesspool, like what’s happened in Europe !
    This is insanity, enough is enough, no more refuges and no illegals, this creates a burden for All Americans as our tax money pays for them and we don’t have a say in it. What happened to our elected officials doing what’s right for the people of the Inited States ?
    This country is being over run by refuges and illegals who have absolutely no respect for anything. They will destroy this country like they have in every Europeon Country !
    No More of this, Deport All Illegals and do Not let any more refuges in this country, send them back to where they came from. No-one seems to be concerned about the safety of its citizens or the security of this country !
    Enough is enough !!

  • God Bless Maine First Media and their plan in the letter listed above.
    I agree 100% and would love to see this plan for the whole country of USA.
    I also agree with Chief Havard’s reply.
    Stay Strong People!
    You have my backing and many more as time will show this reality.
    Thank You So Much, You’ve Made My Day And More 👍🏻 🇺🇸

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