*UPDATE* Why Didn’t Police Press Charges in Somali Gang Attack?

6/7/18, Maine First Media Staff Report, 

One of the victims of the Kennedy Park Somali gang assault back in mid-May has declined to issue a statement to authorities.

According to Lewiston Police, the lack of an official statement is the chief reason the department hasn’t filed charges on the victim’s behalf.

Maine First Media originally broke the story of the gang of Somali kids attacking park goers at Kennedy Park in Lewiston on May 24th. Dozens of Somalis armed with sticks ambushed two park goers, sending one to the hospital with minor injuries — and laughing at their handy work.

However, the injured victim did not press charges.

The same question seemed to immediately pop into the minds of many Maine First Media readers; why didn’t the police press charges?

Lieutenant David St. Pierre is the Public Information Officer for the Lewiston Police Department. Lt. St. Pierre confirmed to Maine First Media; it is possible for the police to pursue charges.

However, Lt. St. Pierre tells Maine First Media the biggest pitfall preventing charges was the victim not only refused to press charges, but he declined to provide police with a statement.

“Without a statement; which he would not provide, successful prosecution is highly unlikely,” Lt. St. Pierre said.

According to Lt. St. Pierre, the lack of cooperation presented police with more hurdles.

“As you are likely aware, the video certainly provides — what we agree is disturbing and we regret that it occurred, however — it does not tell the whole story,” Lt. St. Pierre said. “Including what led up to or precipitated the altercation, the potential involvement of the ‘victim,’ etc.”

Witnesses, including the woman who filmed the video, have said the attack began after one of the victims asked for a light for his cigarette. However, if neither the victims nor witnesses are willing to make official statements to police, the department’s hands are largely tied.

Many Lewiston residents have expressed their fears over taking their children to Kennedy Park. Those same fears may explain the hesitation to cooperate with an investigation.

While Lewiston Mayor Shane Bouchard likes to brag about the city’s low crime rate, it is common for incidents like these to go unreported — meaning they do not count in crime statistics.

Back in April, in neighboring Auburn, a bouncer was beaten by a street gang at a chem-free night for teens at a local nightclub. Much like the Kennedy Park assault, the bouncer in Auburn also declined to press charges, despite being attacked while he had his hands up, trying to avoid an altercation.

The latest attack at Kennedy Park was far from the first. Recently, a 10-year-old girl was jumped and beaten by a Somali girl at the park. As these unfortunate realities become commonplace in Lewiston, many lifelong residents are now afraid to bring their own children to play.

In 2009, the Lewiston Sun Journal reported a wave of Somali attacks against white Lewiston residents. Some of those crimes also took place at Kennedy Park.

Mayor Bouchard blamed the recent attack on several factors, ranging from 20-years of misguided immigration policy to bad parenting. However, he also seems to excuse away the violence Lewiston residents routinely have to endure.

“When you have large, diverse groups of people in the same place you are bound to have incidents,” Mayor Bouchard said. “Lewiston is no different in that respect than any other medium to large city, except that Lewiston’s violent crime rate is one of the lowest in Maine.”

The above quote is a far cry from the open-border mantra of, “diversity is our strength.” And if victims are too afraid to press charges, crime in the city isn’t as infrequent as the mayor would like to think.

Mayor Bouchard is on record supporting efforts to put “new Mainers” to work. One of the places the Mayor personally put a Somali immigrant with a history of hateful remarks and Leftist political activism to work was on the Lewiston Libary Board of Trustees — where she has a say over what books the library houses and what cultural programs the library sponsors.

Meanwhile, the Lewiston Police Department is adding more patrols to the troubled Kennedy Park area in an attempt to get a handle on the violence.

Attacks like these are just the latest sign the refugee resettlement experiment has failed Mainers. And unfortunately, Somali refugees in Maine have rejected the idea of assimilation (roughly the 1:30 mark in the video).

Maine First Media has offered the following plan to end the refugee resettlement racket here in the Pine Tree State:

  • All refugee resettlement plans shall be presented to local voters of towns that are selected for refugee resettlement. Two-thirds of local voters must approve the plans. These plans shall include comprehensive information regarding the funding and housing of all refugees.
  • All refugees shall have a financially stable sponsor who is a legal American citizen.
  • All initial and subsequent costs of refugee resettlement shall be covered by private, non-government funds.
  • Refugee resettlement shall not be considered a pathway to citizenship. Resettlement should be legally and statutorily defined as a contractual obligation with a mandatory termination date.
  • Refugee resettlement programs shall be repurposed as training programs for qualified refugee applicants who wish to attain valuable skills and education that can be utilized to improve their homelands. This should be a comprehensive partnership between government and the market sector to train motivated applicants who are willing to assist in creating economic and political stability in their homelands. And let it be Mainers who are paid to teach them these skills.