The Mosher Minutes: Illegal Immigration = Fox in the Hen House

6/28/18, by James Mosher,

Several years ago, contrary to my wife’s wishes, I decided to surprise my daughters by bringing home some chicks.

I studied and planned for several months. I perused books and social media for anything substantive about raising chickens. When I felt armed with ample knowledge, I took my youngest son to the local Tractor Supply Co. and made the purchase.

I will forever cherish the memory of the night my girls discovered their gift. The reaction was priceless.

I should add that my wife has grown to appreciate having the birds around. There is nothing like fresh eggs for breakfast and good old-fashioned homegrown entertainment.

We have learned quite a bit from taking care of our backyard flock. One significant lesson is that ample attention must be rendered for the flock to thrive. The slightest overlooked detail can introduce stressors that affect the overall welfare of the chickens. In the video at the top of the story, I explain how intruders can cost money and even threaten lives if caution is not taken.

The same can be said of nations.

The United States has amassed trillions of dollars of debt. A majority of the indebtedness has been piled up thanks to President Barack Obama’s progressive policies. He promised a fundamental transformation. During Obama’s tenure, the national debt skyrocketed, millions of illegals found a pathway to citizenship through his policy of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and American exceptionalism was sullied. Obama boasted in 2009 that “elections have consequences.”

Boy, do they ever!

Fast forward to 2016, Mr. Donald J. Trump campaigned on the promise to build a wall and to make Mexico pay for it. Many, including myself, scoffed at the notion. In the interest of full disclosure, I was a Cruz supporter and was skeptical, to say the least, for many reasons. Given the conjecture related to the prospect of levying tariffs on goods sold from American businesses, like Carrier, et al., that made the decision to outsource, and understanding the truth regarding those who ultimately pay, I had my doubts.

Defying the wizards of smart, The Donald handily defeated Hillary. Trump’s presidency has been a pleasant surprise, if for no other reason than the exposure of the Leftist agenda. The fact that he manages to keep the Democrats in a continuous state of meltdown is an added bonus.

Last week, U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree, who represents Maine’s 1st Congressional District, and a cadre of her progressive cohorts proceeded to Texas’ southern border to scrutinize the Trump administration’s treatment of interlopers who have illegally crossed from Mexico into the United States. There has been amplified contrived indignation from Democrats over the “zero tolerance” policy regarding enforcement of immigration law.

The Portland Press Herald reported on the collective dismay of Pingree and her progressive peers regarding the treatment of border hoppers. She described how her group was moved to tears over the perceived injustice.

The simple fact is that there’s a new sheriff in town and he is enforcing the law.

Judging from a recent Facebook post, it seems as if any position that doesn’t offer an open door to illegals is unacceptable to Pingree:


Perhaps we should contact Pingree’s office and remind her that elections have consequences.
First, an overwhelming majority of Americans agree that something must be done about the nation’s porous borders; this is a key reason for Trump’s victory in 2016. According to, a CBS poll, merely days old, suggests that most Americans want immigration law enforced. Although there is significant opposition to dividing families that have crossed the border illegally, most Americans are supportive of “detaining or deporting” the family unit.

Second, the call for civility and compassion from Democrats regarding the issue of immigration is dangerous rhetoric pure and simple. Under the guise of compassion, Democrats propose that Americans foot the bill for illegal activity. They argue that it is the American way. They tell us matter-of-factly: “We are a nation of immigrants.”

We are a nation of laws first. And as I have argued in a previous column, the issue really boils down to sustainability, safety/security, and the rule of law. We just cannot afford to keep adding to the already insurmountable heap of indebtedness. Also, statistics show that illegals contribute to a disproportionate amount of crime, according to Fox News, “far more crimes than their 3.5- percent share of the U.S. population would suggest.”

It really is rather simple; if our country is to thrive, proactive measures must be taken to curtail the parasitic drain upon the economy and to safeguard against potential threats to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Contrary to the sentiments of open-border progressives, for starters, we must build a wall.

Pingree can bloviate all she wants about compassion for the children, but most of us know better; she is nothing but a fat-cat “progressive” who banks on having the prerogative. As a staunch abortion advocate, there’s no way she can pass the straight face test when it comes to promoting tender-heartedness for the children.

Furthermore, she resides on a cozy little island in the Penobscot Bay called North Haven. It is quite the gated community! There are but two ways onto the island: by air, or by boat.

Any chance Chellie will be leaving a light on for the illegals at the Nebo Lodge in North Haven?

I wouldn’t bet on it. I heard the Nebo is a bit pricey.


James Mosher is a husband, father, veteran and patriot who appreciates the cost of freedom. He sees the storm clouds on the horizon and writes so that others may be prepared.

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