The MFM Convo: Excuses for Allowing Female Genital Mutilation Were Lame ~ Nancy Colwell

6/7/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The 133rd House District seat is open with the retirement of Democrat incumbent, Rep. Ralph Chapman.

Today in The MFM Convo, we get to know one of the contestants running for the vacant seat.

Nancy Colwell ran against Rep. Chapman in 2016 but lost by 15-points.

Now, with name recognition on her side, Colwell hopes to bring her brand of Maine-first conservative-populism to Augusta.

Nancy was disgusted when House Democrats — including Rep. Chapman — voted to allow Female Genital Mutilation. She also discusses the need for Maine’s second district to have a voice in the ballot initiative process and why she thinks the Left uses Maine as a guinea pig for their radical policy ideas.

Maine First Media does not agree with all of Colwell’s views (especially her feelings on President Donald Trump’s Twitter account). However, we do agree with most of her stances. Nancy Colwell would be a breath of fresh air in the swamp of Augusta, and we’re confident she would fight for Maine-first policies.

We reached out to Colwell’s opponent, Democrat Sarah Pebworth and offered her the same opportunity to answer similar questions. However, we did not hear back from Pebworth as of the time of publishing this story.