The Maine Headlines: Volume 8

6/14/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

This is the Maine Headlines section of your weekly Maine Event.

This feature is for those of you who need your news on the go!

Here’s your quick take on some of the biggest recent stories in Maine Politics:

  • It’s official! Maine has a Maine-first write-in candidate for Governor. Former Senior Policy Advisor to Gov. LePage, Aaron Chadbourne has filed his papers with the Ethics Commission, made his official announcement and has even started assembling his campaign team.
  • Energy Expert, James LeBrecque explains on the George Hale and Ric Tyler Show, why a new PUC term sheet for the Green Crony Corporatist Aqua Ventus project will save Mainers money.
  • Governor LePage celebrated the U.S. Army’s 243rd birthday with Maine’s latest group of cadets to the Army. The group will be heading off to basic training soon…hope they enjoyed the cake!
  • More results from Primary Day. There weren’t many legislative primaries, and where there were, the incumbents won the day.
  • Secretary of State, Matt Dunlap offered a long and confusing Facebook explanation as to why the wording of the RCV ballot initiative question HAD to be so long and confusing. Here’s an easy to understand answer…you’re not good at your job Matt.
  • RCV is the law of the land in Maine (for now, it’s been repealed most places it’s been tried), ONLY because of the intentionally misleading phrasing of the question. Don’t let this happen again. The SoS office is taking public comments on their wording for the upcoming Universal Homecare Scam initiative in Nov. The wording Dunlap is currently using is the exact wording from the Marxist Pedophile Authority. If this is the language that is used, it WILL pass in a landslide. With the current language, no one would vote against it. Contact the SoS office and let them know it can not stand!

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