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6/28/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

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Energy Savings Facts from Maine’s Energy Expert, James MeBrecque

  • 100MW hydro line at 100% capacity factor (what the Green Crony Corporatists have artificially capped Maine at) produces about 38% of the total energy generated by all Maine’s installed wind capacity to date, but unlike wind or solar, hydro is baseload production quality.
  • Adding this scale of renewable hydro energy to Maine’s resource inventory will have a major impact on REC’s and a competitive impact on generation.
  • For every $2.00 in a gallon of oil that leaves this state, Maine loses $19.25/MMBtu when figuring that the majority of our old stock of heating systems deliver around 75% of the oil used is in the form of useful heat, the other 25% of the heat goes up the chimney and in the cellar. The $19.25/MMBtu does not include the electricity to run furnaces.
  • For every 6 cents/kWh that leaves Maine to go to Canada for clean hydropower to run heat pumps, Maine loses $5.86/MMBtu. This does not account for the fact that homes with heat pumps also use less heat because of the local/spot heating characteristics, whereas central heating systems provide more uniform heat throughout the home which requires more energy.
  • For every MMBtu’s from Canadian hydro running heat pumps that displaces oil, Maine keeps $13.39 from leaving Maine’s economy. ($19.25 – $5.86 = $13.39)
  • 100MW hydroelectric production for a year with a COP of 3 at $13.39 savings/MMBtu comes up to $120M/year. This $120M stays in Maine’s economy instead of ending up in the pockets of oil out of state oil companies.
  • 100MW hydroelectric production for a year with a COP of 3 will displace 86 million gallons of oil when using 75% average oil efficient heating systems.
  • Using the 100MW hydropower limit to run heat pumps will save Maine $259M/year. ($3.00/gallon, 86.3 million gallons)
  • 100MW hydroelectric production for a year running heat pumps with a COP of 3 will reduce Maine’s CO2 by 1.9 billion Lbs./year Whereas our total installed wind capacity of 930.6MW to date saves 1.6 billion Lbs. of CO2/year. (This is based on N.E. average CO2/MW, not Maine, which would look even better for hydro driven heat pumps)
  • To prevent $121M/year from leaving the state in exchange for oil imports, and to save $259M/year in reducing heating oil use, and to reduce Maine’s carbon footprint by 1.9 billion Lbs./year, Maine would have to invest in 219,000 1-ton heat pumps at an install cost of $680M. Maine is nearly 1/3 of the way to that number and will need clean hydro to provide the energy for those heat pump resources.
  • Investing $680M in heat pumps, saves 1.9 billion Lbs. CO2/year
  • Investing $1.6B in wind, saves 1.6 billion Lbs. CO2/year
  • Investing $4.8B in solar would also save 1.6 billion Lbs. CO2/year

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