The Maine First Convo: People Above Politics ~ Guy Lebida

6/28/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Maine’s 55th State House district is one of the more interesting swing districts to keep an eye on in the midterms.

The current Representative is Democrat Seth Berry.

Rep. Berry infamously made waves this past session when he overstepped the bounds of his position in a shocking power trip as Chairman of the Energy Commission. Berry is also a Green Crony Corporatist, in the pocket of the wind and solar lobbies and he’s working hard to keep energy bills high and rising for Maine families.

In this week’s edition of the Maine First Convo, we meet Rep. Berry’s opponent Guy Lebida.

Lebida is a Maine-First candidate who wants to put Maine people above politics and take better care of Maine’s elderly, disabled and veteran population. He also has plans to improve education, further reform welfare and expand broadband throughout Maine.

And wait until you find out what then-Senator Barack Obama did to motivate Lebida to run for office!

Maine First Media reached out to Lebida’s 2018 Midterm opponent, Democrat Rep. Seth Berry and offered him the same opportunity to answer similar questions. However, we did not hear back from Rep. Berry as of the time of publishing this story.

You can learn more about Lebida’s campaign by clicking here.