Rank Choice Voting Is Costing You Money

***Maine First Media Exclusive Op-Ed***

6/7/18, by Rep. Paula Sutton,

Maine voters will again be asked to make a decision on June 12th if they want to radically alter the process by which they have been voting for decades. Rank Choice Voting (RCV) is on the ballot again, and we have another chance to defeat this progressive nightmare.

This measure passed in 2016 with promoters spending more than $2.4 Million and with no organized opposition. After its passage, many serious concerns were raised regarding the unconstitutionality, cost, and complexity of the new rank choice voting method.

Since that time the Maine legislature passed a law to delay and repeal RCV if the Maine Constitution has not been changed to accommodate it. This brought about the people’s veto which is the specific item being voted on June 12th.

For those not familiar with RCV, it is a new system of voting never before used at a statewide level and it involves ranking candidates in order of preference rather than just selecting one candidate. Promoters claimed it would result in a majority winner. However, an educational video released by the Secretary of State’s office proves their claim is completely false. You can click here to watch the video.

Rank Choice Voting is merely the latest result of Maine’s referendum process which has been hijacked by rich out-of-state special interest groups who have figured out how to buy legislation here in Maine.  With our unique demographic, signatures can be gathered in a few urban areas and corresponding ads placed, virtually guaranteeing a victory for groups with enough money.

The fact is, RCV is a California voting system being shoved down the throats of Mainers. It’s been tried and failed elsewhere, with several municipalities repealing the flawed system after finding it decreases voter turnout and increases voter error.

Even the progressive governor of California, Jerry Brown vetoed RCV in his state. And the ACLU of Kansas also issued a statement against it, saying it hurts minority voters. Why are out-of-state forces insistent on Mainers footing the bill for a system that no-one else wants?

Rank Choice Voting is blatantly unconstitutional and the Maine Supreme Court has unanimously agreed. Lawsuits are underway and it’s costing Maine taxpayers a lot of money. Keep voting simple; please make sure to get out and vote No on Question 1. On June 12th.

Enough is enough.


Rep. Sutton serves the people of Maine’s 95th House District, including Warren, Appleton, Hope and part of Union. She is a small business entrepreneur. Rep.Sutton and her husband developed a wholesale seafood company. She’s also owned and operated two restaurants and a sign company. You can reach Rep. Sutton at [email protected]maine.gov.