No Confidence: “Gideon Must Go”

6/28/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

There is a petition circulating calling for a vote of “no confidence” for Speaker of the Swamp, Rep. Sara Gideon.

Signers are asking Swamp Speaker Gideon to step down, or if she won’t, for the legislature to vote to remove her from her position.

The petition was created by write-in gubernatorial candidate, and former Senior Policy Advisor for Gov. Paul LePage, Aaron Chadbourne.

The petition cites a laundry list of examples demonstrating Speaker Gideon’s inability to do the job the House Democrat caucus elected her to do. The feckless Speaker has a pattern of putting her agenda before the good of Mainers. The extra session is yet another example of Rep. Gideon’s mismanagement of the clock and calendar, and her willingness to sacrifice bills that will help hardworking Mainers in order to advance bills that will help grow her caucus.

As he explains in the video at the top of the story, it is this political malpractice that inspired Chadbourne to start a “no confidence” petition. And it is that same gamesmanship that has Maine voters angrily and desperately begging for the Swamp to be Drained.

Chadbourne’s petition reads:

The people of Maine recognize that the current Speaker of the House, Sara Gideon, has failed to lead the Maine House of Representatives in a manner that promotes decency and advances the goals of the state.

  • Failed to build a governing coalition, resulting in the first state government shut down in decades;
  • Failed to manage the legislative calendar, leaving many important. Bills impacting vulnerable Mainers unaddressed;
  • Failed to bring key pieces of legislation (where there is agreement) for a vote because she wanted to hold them hostage for political brinksmanship;
  • Failed to reach across the aisle, regularly demonizing Republicans by calling them “terrorists” and disrespecting progressives by silencing their dissent;
  • Failed to respect the Governor of the State of Maine and his office;
  • Failed to inspire respect from a majority of the members of the Maine House of Representatives.

We call upon the Maine House of Representatives, when it reconvenes, to hold a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in failed Speaker Sara Gideon – and elect a new Speaker capable of leading with dignity on behalf of all Maine people.

And while the idea of a new speaker is appealing to many — if not most — there are questions. The new legislature, with potentially (but not likely) a new majority will arrive in Augusta in January. Some political insiders say it is too late to call for a change in leadership. Afterall, the regular session is over, the extra session is on recess and supposedly only veto day (July 9th) remains.

However, veto day will almost certainly involve more House business than just voting on Gov. LePage’s vetoes. How do we know this? Because the Speaker of the Swamp purposely saved some unfinished business — like tax conformity and transportation bonds — to use as leverage to ensure she getsCandidate Welfare crack for her caucus of swamp addicts.

And beyond veto day, there is no statutory adjournment day for the special session. Swamp Speaker Gideon has the ability to run the waste of taxpayer dollars that is the extra session right into late October is she decided to do so. And Gov. LePage could force the legislature back in session at any time to deal with emergencies. Meaning, there’s more damage Speaker Gideon can do — and with her track record, count on her taking every opportunity to make a mess at the Coliseum on the Kennebec.

Beyond practical implications, a vote of “no confidence” would send a message to Leftists that it is no longer acceptable to put party, politics and lobbyists above Maine people.

A successful bid to remove Rep. Gideon from her post is unlikely. Democrats and many Republican will be reluctant to serve Madame Speaker with consequences for her bad behavior with the gavel. And even if they did, the safe bet is, House Democrats would put Speaker Gideon’s lap dog, Rep. Erin Herbig in her place.

However, no matter the outcome, for the message it would send alone, the exercise would be time better spent than any of the “work” under the Swamp Speaker’s watch.

Chadbourne even created some memes to suggest that anyone from Maine-first champion legislators like Rep. Larry Lockman and Rep. Heather Sirocki, all the way to socialist Rep. Mike Sylvester — and anyone between — would be better as Speaker than Rep. Gideon.

If you’d like to sign Chadbourne’s petition, you can do so digitally by clicking here.

  • I like the comparison between Pelosi and Gideon. Both are ambitious, self-centered, power-hungry socialists. See “Discover the Networks” extensive page on Nancy whose husband is sketchy. Gideon’s spouse is a “civil rights and medical malpractice attorney”. Enough said about the character of these people.

    • Agreed, they have a ton in common. We think Chadbourne’s point was, even though everything Pelosi did as Speaker was horrible, unlike Gideon, Pelosi did manage the body.

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