Maine Secretary of State Gives Another Gift to Marxist Pedophile Authority

6/28/18, Maine First Media Staff Report, 

George Soros is at it again, and this time, he has the help of Maine’s own Secretary of State to reshape Maine in a socialist mold. And once again, controversy surrounds SoS Mathew Dunlap and his decision on wording for a ballot question coming in November.

Soros, working through the militant Marxist Pedophile Authority (or so-called, Maine People’s Alliance), has been pressuring SoS Mathew Dunlap. Dunlop’s wife, Rep. Michelle Dunphy (D-Old Town), serves in the Maine Legislature as a Democrat footsoldier for MPA. She’s also funding her re-election campaign with taxpayer dollars. Soros and the MPA want the Secretary of State to confuse voters, tricking them into supporting a new scam. If enacted the scam would institute three new taxes with the promise of “Free Home Healthcare for all.”
But as Gov. Paul LePage often says “Free is very expensive to someone.” And that someone is you. Giving out free healthcare comes at the cost of your freedom, your privacy and of course, your money.
Here is the wording that Dunlap and the Augusta swamp creatures cooked up. The wording is an absolute gift to MPA and makes passage of the referendum nearly a lock.
  • “Do you want to create the Universal Home Care Program to provide home-based assistance to people with disabilities and senior citizens, regardless of income, funded by a new 3.8% tax on individuals and families with Maine wage and adjusted gross income above the amount subject to Social Security taxes, which is $128,400 in 2018?”

Of course, Dunlap’s language doesn’t mention the many damaging aspects of the law, which Maine First Media has previously detailed in-depth.

SPREAD THE WEALTH AROUND: First, it punishes wealth creation, saying that any small business has to pay more for the privilege of success. This is not one new tax. It is three new taxes. One tax on employers, one tax on employees and one tax on non-wage income. This literally adds several new pages to the tax code. But Soros wants Dunlap to ignore that and pull the wool over Maine voters’ eyes.
GROW THE UNION: Under this scheme, written by government-sector unions, all home health workers will be forced to be represented by a union. Thankfully, President Donald Trump and Justice Neil Gorsuch have recently ensured that they can’t be forced to pay union dues against their will. However, if grandma wants to hire Johnny to look after her, he now has to join the union. This is how the Soviet empire was formed. They might as well hand out a hammer and sickle to every elderly Mainer.
DEATH PANELS: The statute itself envisions a waitlist. How is that possible if healthcare is universal. S,o the very first thing that it does is establish new panels, controlled by the union, to determine how to ration care. If you liked the breadlines of the Great Depression, you would love this Dunlap doozey of a terrible referendum. If you wanted to take care of the 1,600 elderly and disabled Mainers currently waiting for care, sorry about your luck, the waitlists would grow under this referendum.
SELLING YOUR HEALTH RECORDS: Finally and most alarmingly, the Universal Home Scam will provide nearly anyone who asks for it, the health records of anyone receiving home health services. This is a scam to give the unions information so they can elect the death panel and rig the system. If you’ve always wanted George Soros to know about the goiter on your buttocks, Dunlap has written this question just for you.
MISLEADING MONEY: Dunlap’s wording is misleading at best, and a downright lie at worst. Only about 17% of the fund will actually benefit elderly and disabled Mainers. The rest is set to go to raises for government-union employees, administrative costs for the bloated bureaucracy the law would create, and of course, to union bosses.

And this bill-of-goods, Soros and Dunlap are trying to sell Mainers could bankrupt our state. Using MPA’s own numbers, they would raise taxes on Mainers by at least $132-Million each year to fund the phony system.

However, MPA’s numbers don’t add up. They claim the tax hikes will fully fund the program. But they also claim 10,000 Mainers need this service now. And by 2030, that number balloons to 110,000.

They also estimate home care costs at around $54,000 for each individual. For 10,000 people that’s $540-Million!

By 2030, assuming the cost of care stayed that same (which it wouldn’t, it would increase at least along the lines of inflation) the number would skyrocket to nearly $6-Billion! To put that in perspective, the entire budget for the Pine Tree State this year is only $3.2 Billion. So this one program would cost almost twice as much as the current budget to run our entire state.

This is not the first time Secretary Dunlap has given preferential ballot question treatment to his friends at the Marxist Pedophile Authority. It’s not even the first time this year. During the Primary, Dunlap wrote a purposely misleading question that guaranteed Ranked-Choice Voting would pass. There were reports of many people who wanted to vote against RCV voting ‘yes’ — even though the ‘yes’ line was in favor of RCV. That’s because the question was worded in a way, where no matter your stance, the reader originally thought the answer was yes.
George Soros is funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars into Maine again, hiding his out-of-state dark money in straw organizations and buying off people like Secretary Dunlap — who is regularly visited by the MPA. This Universal Home Care referendum is smelling more-and-more like a Universal Home Scam.