Maine Congressional Candidate Calls for Death Penalty for Cop Killers!

6/7/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

More than 30 police officer across the country have been murdered in the line of duty so far in 2018.

That number, unfortunately, includes Corporal Eugene Cole, who was tragically shot and killed by back in April by an offender who had previous weapons charges.

Corporal Cole was 61 years old when he was killed, having served the last 13 years with the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office.

Now, 1st Congressional District Candidate, Dr. Mark Holbrook is calling for the death penalty for convicted cop killers.

Dr. Holbrook spent 12 years in law enforcement. He now has a private psychology practice, where he deals mostly with police officers, veterans and active duty military members.

He’s also the author of the self-help book for cops, Bulletproof: Why Cops and John Wayne Never Cry.

Dr. Holbrook says rhetoric from Leftists like former President Barack Obama has fueled the flames of hatred for police officers across the country.

“The thin blue line that protects all of us from anarchy and chaos continually thins as more police officers die in the line of duty,” Dr. Holbrook said.

Dr. Holbrook says the killing of men and women who risk their lives every day to protect Mainers is so reprehensible; the punishment should fit the crime.

“It is time we include police officers among those uniquely protected by the death penalty,” Dr. Holbrook said.

The Maine-first candidate added that taking a tough stand could act as a deterrent and reduce the number of cops killed in America. The 1st Congressional Republican candidate added that it is one of his top priorities.

“When I get to Washington I will make it one of my priorities to sponsor bipartisan legislation mandating the death penalty for anyone convicted of murdering a police officer,” Dr. Holbrook said.

Maine First Media reached out to Dr. Holbrook’s two Leftist opponents, Independent Marty Grohman and Resister Rep. Chellie Pingree. Neither has responded as of the time of this publishing.



  • Dr. Holbrook is right, of course, but getting Congress to pass this type of legislation will be very difficult. The cop-hating attitude from NerO has left its stench on BLM, Antifa and other reincarnated Marxist groups. Even more so, their allies in the Party that promotes abortion on demand yet thinks that the death penalty, for the worst of the worst, is inhumane treatment would never support it. BUT, we would very much welcome the effort after he unseats Comrade Pingree.

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