Trump Train Express: Volume 5

5/24/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

All aboard the Trump Train Express!

This feature is for those of you who need your news on the go.

Here’s your quick take on some of the biggest recent stories involving our President, Donald J. Trump and national political news:

  • The NFL has introduced a new rule saying all league employees (including players) must stand for the playing of the National Anthem. However, players will be allowed to stay in the locker room during the Anthem. Individual teams are responsible for enforcement of the new rule.
  • As the Midterms get closer, the Blue Wave is washing up. Democrats are losing their lead in generic Congressional ballots, and election analysts are moving more races to “toss-up” or “safe Republican.”
  • CNN has been caught purposely lying about school shootings to make it appear that there’s one mass school shooting every week in this country. Spoiler alert, there is not.
  • Congress has passed a bill rolling back many of the horrible Dodd-Frank regulations on banking. The new rules will make lending easier. The bill is heading to President Trump for signature.
  • Resister Rep. Maxine Waters is on the ethical hot seat. A new report shows she’s paying her daughter $100,000 this election season. Meanwhile, her family members are making millions working with companies that Waters has helped promote.
  • Facebook continues to take heat for censoring anti-establishment and conservative speech. Nigel Farage called out Mark Zuckerberg for changing the Facebook algorithm, which has resulted in massive drops in views and engagements of non-Leftist content.
  • A new report shows adopting policies mandating so-called, Zero Emission Vehicles will actually add more pollutants to the air and in CA alone, would cost workers more than $100-Billion.
  • Maine House Democrats may want to reconsider voting to allow Female Genital Mutilation here in the Pine Tree State. A new report shows FGM is on the rise in the UK and threatens to come to America in even greater numbers.