The MFM Convo: “Politicians in Augusta Fall in Love with Themselves” ~ Aaron Chadbourne

5/3/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

After about three and a half years as Senior Policy Advisor to Gov. Paul LePage, Aaron Chadbourne is moving on to new efforts to revitalize Maine.

Chadbourne made the announcement following the end of the 2018 Legislative Session.

Maine First Media reached out to Chadbourne to participate in our new weekly feature, The MFM Convo.

Every week, a political figure in Maine will casually answer some of the questions that matter to Maine-first residents.

The former LePage advisor answered our queries while on a trip to Washington D.C. where he’s working to bring successful Mainers back to the Pine Tree State.

Chadbourne pulls no punches while answering our questions. While he may have some small policy differences with Maine First Media, Chadbourne is passionate about draining the swamp. According to Chadbourne, “if we want a government that serves the people, we can’t let politicians put themselves on a pedestal, we can’t let them treat government like it’s their plaything, we can’t let government be the answer.”

The 34-year-old Harvard graduate also talks about a $100-Million project he’s working on to revitalize education in rural Maine, explains that the best thing politicians can do to help struggling Mainers is get out of the way, and even shares a story about meeting First Lady Barbara Bush.

Chadbourne is encouraging anyone who wishes to discuss his answers to e-mail him at [email protected]

You don’t want to miss Chadbourne’s “clarion call” for the children of Maine to “rise up and lead.”

Let us know who you’d like to see in future editions of The MFM Convo.

  • When I watch “Bill Green’s Maine” I get choked up but not because I’m a Millennial snowflake. Too old for that. As a native Mainer I can see our traditional values and culture slipping away. Of course it means I’m a white supremacist, racist, xenophobic, Islamophobe and fear monger if I don’t readily accept the Hijra of Muslim refugees and the Left’s multicultural agenda.

    Well, I also believe in putting Maine people first. Thankfully, MFM is letting us fopdoodles speak out. There are more of us out here than one would think and, like Aaron, I will also do what I can to help move Maine forward and make it a better place. The ordinary hard working citizens are the important folks, not the sleezy politicians. We won’t be silenced.

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