The Maine Headlines: Volume 3

5/10/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

This is the Maine Headlines section of your weekly Maine Event.

This feature is for those of you who need your news on the go!

Here’s your quick take on some of the biggest recent stories in Maine Politics:

  • Maine U.S. Senators, Democrat in Disguise Angus King, and Comrade Susan Collins voted to expand tech visas, while tech companies engaged in mass layoffs of American workers.
  • More than two dozen Somali immigrants show up in federal court to show support for two noncitizens charged with scamming Mainers through welfare fraud.
  • Somali immigrant arrested on immigration charges after pleading guilty to drunken driving, so, now the ACLU is suing on the criminal alien’s behalf.
  • Florida Democrat Max Linn is now officially out of Maine’s U.S. Senate Republican primary race — following the Linn campaign admitting to signature fraud. Fingerpointing withing Camp Linn is now underway. One of the suspects of the fraud is staffer Matt McDonald. In the interest of full disclosure, McDonald used to be associated with MFM, but following many disagreements, has been out of the picture for about a half a year now.
  • Republicans will be voting by plurality in their primaries in June. Meanwhile, Ranked-Choice Voting lawsuit arguments will be heard in federal court starting May 23rd.
  • Gov. LePage has smartly decided against having AG (and Democrat candidate to take his place) Janet Mills represent him in a lawsuit Leftists are bringing against the Gov. over medical welfare for the young and healthy.
  • Perhaps the hit of the GOP Convention last weekend was THIS shirt from our friends at Maine First Project. RINOs and Donkeys and Aliens, Oh My! Toto would be proud!

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