Somali Gang Fires Shots, Start Brawl at New Hampshire Wedding

5/24/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

A Muslim gang from Ohio shot up a New Hampshire wedding –with the suspects crossing many state lines.

The incident took place in a parking lot just outside of Bektash Temple during a Somalian wedding reception in Concord, NH on April 22nd.

Both Refugee Resettlement Watch and Creeping Sharia have been following the story.

Concord police say the shooting and subsequent brawl involved Somali street gang members from Columbus, OH. The suspects had been invited to the wedding.

Ali Dahir Hussein, 20, of Columbus and Abdi Soman Mohamed, 18, of Erie, PA. were both arrested on felony riot charges. They’ve made bail and are pending trial.

Jafar Kahalid Issak, 19, of Columbus and Salim Hussein, 22, of Nashville, TN are charged with riot and reckless conduct with a firearm. They’re being held on $10,000 bail.

Creeping Sharia is reporting that Columbus police say they are seeing a rise in Somalian-dominated street gangs. They’ve provided the following reasons (from Creeping Sharia):

• Somalians don’t forget tribal animosities just because they move to the United States, and at one point Columbus tracked 10 to 15 clans with histories of grudges and shifting alliances, said Khaled Bahgat, the new American diversity/inclusion officer for Columbus police. He added that those animosities seemed to have calmed in recent years.

• Refugee families settle in inner-city communities, where youths find role models among street criminals. Recently, some Somalians have been robbing Columbus pharmacies and engaging in drug trafficking, Bahgat said. “Some, unfortunately, follow the path of whatever environment they’re in. Once they take that road, they become very bold. They feel like nobody can touch them,” he said.

• When younger family members succumb to the lure of street crime, their strict, fundamentalist parents and older relatives shun them, which pushes them further toward delinquency, Bahgat said.

Reports out of Concord say arriving officers weren’t able to control the crowd in the aftermath of shots being fired. Witnesses called the scene, “chaos.”

Concord, NH is only about an hour’s drive from Southern Maine. This is happening in our backyard.