Snopes Fails With Phony Fact Check

5/3/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Snopes is claiming Maine House Democrats did not vote to allow Female Genital Mutilation.

The Snopes claim is unquestionably false.

On April 19th, Maine First Media broke the story of Maine House Democrats voting to kill a Female Genital Mutilation ban in the state of Maine.

The story was picked up by sources across the country, including Robert Spencer of JihadWatch.

Several days after our report, Snopes ran a fact check. They claimed the story was “false.” They referred to Maine First Media as a “shaky source,” despite offering no evidence to support their slanderous claim.

But here’s where “fact-checker” Kim LaCapria demonstrates how unfit she is to critique the validity of other journalists.

She’s fact-checking our headline from April 19th, “Maine House Democrats Vote to Allow Female Genital Mutilation.”

However, in her “research” she actually reviews a Maine First Media story from the prior week, April 13th to be exact, “Political Theater: Maine House Passes Toothless Female Genital Mutilation Ban.”

LaCapria uses this old story to suggest Democrats did vote for an FGM ban. At the end of her “fact check,” she says the bill will now go to the State Senate. Here’s the problem, she wrote her article several days after the legislative session ended — and several days after open-border Leftists in the House voted to kill the ban.

The bill did go back to the Senate following the passage of the referenced toothless bill in the House. And the Senate re-passed the unamended version of the bill — the version including penalties for accomplices. LaCapria missed this in her “report.”

At that point, the bill went back to the House and all but one Democrat voted AGAINST the ban. As a result, the FGM ban died. Again, LaCapria didn’t seem to come across this fact in her “research.”

Maine First Media would like to make it easy for Snopes to fact check this story.

They simply need to click here to read the language of the bill…showing it is indeed a ban on Female Genital Mutilation, no poison pill included.

And now click here to see the roll call — showing the Democrats voting against the bill.

In case LaCapria isn’t aware, on the roll call, where it says “recede and concur,” that means they’re voting on passage of the version of the bill previously passed in the Senate. LaCapria and her friends at Snopes will notice a lot of “N’s” next to “D’s.” Again, to make it simple for Snopes, that translates to a lot of “no” votes coming from Democrats.

There is zero question Maine House Democrats killed the ban on Female Genital Mutilation. And if a lawmaker votes against a ban on mutilating the genitals of young girls — they’re voting to allow the barbaric ritual of child abuse.

LaCapria also points out there is a federal ban against FGM. Which is true. There are also federal laws against marijuana and harboring illegal aliens. However, Maine has legalized pot, and Portland is a Harboring Haven — so much for relying on federal prohibitions.

The federal law against FGM was passed in 1996. It has only been used twice in the 22 years since. Which is why 27 states now have passed bans against the brutal practice — including our neighbors in New Hampshire last month.

As for Snopes calling Maine First Media a “shaky source,” we provided evidence in our story proving its validity. We also included quotes we obtained from legislators close to the ban. And we followed the bill, reporting on its every step throughout the legislative session.

We’re not the ones who — after session had already ended — falsely reported the bill was heading to the Senate for a vote. We’re not the ones who fact-checked the headline of one story by reading the body of a story from the week prior.

Perhaps it is Snopes that is the “shaky source.”


  • MFM did an excellent job of detailing the course of this bill. The Speaker of the House, Sara Gideon, Rachel Talbot Ross, Erin Herberg and nearly all the Dems should be called out for what they are, Advocates for Ritual Child Abuse (ARCA). Snopes “fact checkers” are rump swabs (as Howie Carr would say) for their Leftist ideology and shouldn’t be given the time of day….much like the ACLU-ME, the SPLC, CAIR or the Marxists at the Maine People’s Alliance.

  • Having been “outed” as a hater by the SPLC when in fact I was the person who brought the FGM bill to representative Sirocki, I can tell you for sure who the “haters” are…the left. This FGM bill would have provided for felony punishment for all guilty in cutting up little girls; the parents/guardians, the cutters, and those who transport, etc.. In Maine, in this day and age, immigrants would far and above be the victims. It has happened here and will continue to do so given the democrats’ successful defeat of the bill. Instead of doing the right thing, they did their predictable attack on the messengers, to include slanderous accusations against us of a most vile nature. They have no values nor scruples when they might lose some Somali votes. They have no real regard for the little girls who will be mangled as a result of their false flag…”let’s educate them”… alternative bill that caused a standoff and the bill’s death. Every one of them has the blood of unknown numbers of little children on their souls. May God forgive them and cause them to repent.

  • Not that it will change anything, but I emailed Snopes suggesting they do real research without an agenda driven result set beforehand. I included a link to this article.

    • Thank you for passing it along Kandi. Snopes should be embarrassed by how wrong their “fact check” was.

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