Single Line Steals the Show for Mayhew at GOP Convention

5/10/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The Maine Republican Convention has come and gone, and one GOP gubernatorial hopeful made a good showing for herself.

The former head of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Mary Mayhew had a strong weekend by all counts.

However, it was a single line from her convention speech that stole the show.

Mayhew used her speech to focus immigration in Maine. As Director of DHHS, Mahew cracked down on welfare payments for illegal aliens. And she says she will continue fighting to put Mainers first if elected the next governor of Maine.

“Illegals won’t get sanctuary,” Mayhew said to the packed house of GOP delegates. “They’ll get a knock on the door from ICE agents…with a Maine State Trooper standing shoulder-to-shoulder.”

This stance on immigration policy separates Mayhew from the rest of the gubernatorial field.

Of course, the Democrat candidates side with the Marxist Pedophile Authorities agenda to bring in more illegals and provide them with benefits and driver’s licenses.

However, while Mayhew spoke about putting hardworking Mainers ahead of criminal aliens, her counterparts in the GOP primary struck a different tone.

Former LePage rival, Shawn Moody spoke generically about his pro-business stances. Moody has previously come out against President Donald Trump’s border wall and even had his campaign team later conceal his comments.

And swamp creature, Senate Majority Leader Garrett Mason gave delegates a Maine history lesson.

But it appears Mayhew’s message may be resonating.

Political insiders observed Mayhew as having the largest and most active and enthusiastic grassroots teams surrounding her.

Meanwhile, the Maine Federation of College Republicans hosted a poll of delegates. A strong plurality, and just shy of a majority, voted in favor of Mayhew in the preference poll. Mayhew scored 44.4% of the votes. Moody tallied 27.8%. Mason trailed with 24.8%. And House Minority Leader, Ken Fredette rounded out the field with only 2.8%.

The first poll gauging potential support in the Maine gubernatorial primaries was released a few days ago. The poll was taken prior to the convention. Moody leads Mayhew in the Survey USA poll 34-19. Mason is in third with 15% and Fredette is in last with 10%.

However, with no other polling to compare the results, the credibility of the survey remains unknown.

What is known is Mary Mayhew helped her campaign with a strong showing at the GOP convention and a willingness to address the issues that matter to Mainers — issues that appear to have other candidates running scared.


  • She had my vote even before Moody made his announcement to run. She really gets it on illegal immigration, refugee resettlement and welfare fraud with her experience as the DHHS Commish. Mayhew for Governor!

  • When there were five candidates, the Penobscot County Republican Committee held its annual Lincoln Day Dinner. A man at my table heard all five candidates and remarked, “Aside from Mary Mayhew, none of those four guys are fit to shine Paul LePage’s shoes.”

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