Illegal Immigrant Keynote Speaker at Upcoming Marxist Pedophile Authority Award Ceremony

5/17/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The Marxist Pedophile Authority will be handing out their “Rising Tide” award on May 31st, at the Congregation Bet Ha’am in South Portland.

The name of the award is fitting since the so-called Maine People’s Alliance aims to raise the tide of swamp water in Augusta. And they will have an illegal immigrant as their keynote speaker.

Peru Immigrant, Lorella Praeli is the guest of honor. She originally came to Connecticut from Peru illegally. Praeli is now with the ACLU as their Director of Immigration Policy and Campaigns.

Previously she was the National Latino Vote Director for Crooked Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 Presidential campaign. She’s also worked to advance DACA and even to get amnesty for parents of DACA applicants.

Praeli certainly seems to fit right in with MPA’s open-border agenda.

This is not the first time the Marxist Pedophile Authority has condoned criminal behavior.

MPA has a long history of working with convicted child predator, Douglas Lane — including at an elementary school.

An MPA official was even arrested after stealing money from Mainers while knocking doors collecting signatures for one of MPA’s many harmful ballot initiatives.

Tickets are $30, word of advice if you plan to attend — protect your wallet and don’t bring your children.

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