Gubernatorial Hopeful Spending Candidate Welfare Money on Out-of-State Support

5/24/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Republican gubernatorial candidate Garrett Mason has a team of out-of-state interns campaigning for him.

And making matters worse, you’re paying for them. And you’re not just paying for the intern stipends, you’re paying for Mason’s trip down to Florida to visit his alma mater and “recruit interns.” Unfortunately, Mason is sending even more of your money to the swamp of Washington D.C.

Mason received $400,000 — forced from Maine workers — to fund his campaign as of the last filing report. Last week, he was approved for another $150,000 of your tax dollars, putting him at $550,000.

Monday afternoon, some volunteers, who appeared to be college-aged, were spotted in Gorham putting up Mason signs. They were driving in a car with a Virginia license plate.

When the volunteers saw the cameraman, they jumped back in the car and took off.

While the interns were driving a car with VA plates, it is Florida where Mason is spending your money to supply his team with interns.

Mason is a 2006 graduate of Pensacola Christian College, in Pensacola, FL. Wasn’t it kind of Maine families to sacrifice so they could pay for Mason and two of his field directors (whose salaries you pay), to take a flight to Flordia to recruit interns for the Mason campaign? Because apparently, the Mason team can’t find enough Mainers willing to volunteer for his campaign.

In total, Mainers have spent $8,500 for Mason’s Florida trip and internship team from the Sunshine State. And that number will continue to climb as we head to the June 12th primary.

However, the big dollars are being funneled down to the Nation’s capital.

Just since mid-February, Mason spent about $65,000 of your money on a political consulting team from the swamp of D.C. to aid his campaign. You can meet the D.C. Mason team by clicking here. Those D.C. consultants are costing Maine workers $9,000 every month. Mason also paid them more than $16,000 for various web work and about $30,000 for a television commercial. Remember next time you see Mason’s ad on TV; you paid for a D.C. firm to make that for him. And you also paid for a Virginia company to do $750 worth of phone banking for Mason.

But Mason needed more consulting. At least he shifted from the swamp of D.C. to the swamp of Augusta. Maine taxpayers, on Mason’s behalf, have paid Sen. Andre Cushing, Mason’s former friend in the “leadership” of the failed Maine GOP Senate Majority, more than $6,000 in consulting fees since mid-February.

Mason has run a false mantra of “Maine first.” By forcing the hardworking men and women of Maine to fund his bid for the Blaine House, and then spending their money on out-of-state staffing, consulting and trips, Mason is putting Maine last.

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