Graduation Day: Last Chance to Brainwash

5/17/18, Maine First Media Staff Report, 

It’s that time of year, Maine students across the state are ending their academic careers and about to embark on their greatest adventure yet — the real world.

However, college graduation ceremonies this year are proving to be nothing more than one last attempt to brainwash students before they leave the bubble that is campus life.

At the University of Southern Maine, graduates were urged to be Social Justice Warriors by a leader from the hate group; Black Lives Matters.

DeRay Mckesson, of the radical and violent Black Lives Matter movement, called for students to dedicate themselves to progressing equality, justice and freedom.

Mckesson routinely displays his American-hating views on his podcast, Pod Save the People.

If you listen to his podcast, you can hear Mckesson wage war on the police officers who keep him safe and allow him the freedom to express his radical views. Going through the archive, you can hear his support of protesting during the playing of the National Anthem.

And it was Mckesson message of so-called “inequality and injustice” that nearly 1,000 USM grads heard as they are about to journey on arguably the biggest transition of their lives.

Elsewhere in the Pine Tree State, Leftists U.S. Senators were on display at commencement ceremonies over the weekend.

Sen. Comrade Susan Collins spoke at the Universit of Maine in Orono. Sen. Collins warned graduates to be careful what they read online. Of course, Comrade Collins wants young Mainers getting their news from the lying, dying Fake News outlets that champion her as a reasonable and moderate voice.

The last thing Sen. Collins would want is students getting their news from honest sources like Maine First Media or the handful of credible, alternative platforms across the nation that have sprouted in the wake of the failure of the establishment news.

Comrade Collins even took time in her speech to promote the Left’s phony “war on women.”

Meanwhile, Sen. Angus King spoke at the University of Maine at Presque Island’s commencement ceremony.

Democrat in Disguise, Sen. King, delivered an apolitical speech, addressing his top 10 pieces of advice for graduates moving forward. His top 10 list was cliche but harmless, and this author even agrees with some of his points — like keeping a folded up $20 bill in your wallet in case of emergencies.

While Sen. King did not push the Leftists agenda the way Mckesson did, Sen. King’s presence was just another example of ties between academia and Leftist politics.

Even at Unity College, about 120 graduates heard from wildlife conservationist Jeff Corwin. Corwin has been an outspoken opponent of President Donald Trump.

Corwin has come out strongly against a southern border wall. And he even gave President Trump an “F” grade for the President’s handling of the environment, based on President Trump’s support of a southern border wall.

The enviro-whacko is a frequent contributor on the Fake News outlets Sen. Collins loves, like NBC News and MSNBC. He also believes anyone who doesn’t agree with the radical Left’s view on “climate change” is living in the “dark ages.”

The larger concern is the constant indoctrination of Maine students in their classes. However, these commencement speeches are academia’s last chance to brainwash before students start (hopefully) paying taxes and raising families.