Filthy Riches or (Profiting From Leftist Politics)

5/10/18, by The Pine Tree Patriot,

There’s good money in the swamp, and unfortunately, some of that filthy money may be too tempting for many Maine politicians.

Recently we learned the in-laws of the Majority Leader in the United State Senate have purchased ten new Cargo ships from the Chinese Government — about half a billion dollars if your counting.

If that isn’t troubling enough this Senate Leader is married to the newly installed Secretary of Transportation of the United States. Just to rub it in, this famous couple received a gift from those same in-laws of millions of dollars just a few years ago. Still worried about a trade war with China?

We shouldn’t be surprised really. In what other employs can you go from being a single Mom on a small island off the Coast of Maine to cruising the skies of the world in the family jet?

Be sure this corruption is common in Washington by both parties. Before they left office the former Vice-President Joe Biden and the Secretary of State John Kerry set their son and stepsons up in business with the Chinese and Russian Governments that will enrich the families with millions — and more likely billions — of good ole American greenbacks.

We want to think our own Maine officials are immune from this kind of dishonesty. I’m afraid not friends.

Take a hard look at Angus King, and you find a man who came to Maine from Virginia to practice poverty Law. Some say to escape the Viet-Nam draft. Only to become a multi-millionaire as an “energy expert” after he met and married the Lobbyist for Central Maine Power.

Now he uses his expertise to invest in one of the biggest scams in Maine history — the wind industry. Is it any wonder there’s no sense to be made when a poor state like Maine shells out hundreds of millions to a scheme like that?

Olympia Snow went to Washington, a solid middle-class widow, but when she left office, some estimate her and her husband’s wealth at $100-Million. You can be sure Bill Cohen and George Mitchell don’t dine on MAC and Cheese often either.

Susan Collins was just a girl from Aroostook County that picked potatoes when she left for Washington D.C. Now her wealth is estimated to be between $5-Million and $10-Million. The family business, S.W. Collins has grown like the weeds in your vegetable garden since she started flying back home every weekend.

Too many of those who claim they’re going to work for us if we vote for them end up enriching themselves and their families with our votes.

When we’re told this swamp needs to be drained, it’s plain to understand the reason.

If we’re ever going to have a government that does the things that we want and makes sense — this corruption needs to stop, and we are the only ones who can stop it…at the ballot box.

  • Left out was Ms. Chellie who married billionaire Donald Sussman. I want to know why his money is “good” money and Bruce Poliquin’s money is “bad” money. Both worked on Wall Street. Must be because Sussman subsidized the PPH and funds left-wing candidates and causes. Ya think?!

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