AFL-CIO Officer Defends Illegals Over Mainers

5/10/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The Mobilization and Communications Coordinator for an immense and intrusive government-sector union in Maine is tweeting out her support of criminal aliens at the expense of hardworking Mainers.

Sarah Bigney of the AFL-CIO sent the below tweet in response to a rousing speech delivered by Maine First Project President, Rep. Larry Lockman (R-Amherst).

As you can see, Bigney offers to volunteer for Rep. Lockman’s opponent in the 2018 Midterms and is actively recruiting a posse of agitators to follow her lead.

It should be noted that Bigney does not live in the 137th district. Bigney is attempting to influence the outcome of an election — in a district she does not reside in — because Rep. Lockman spoke out in defense of Maine Families.

The video Bigney is referencing is from the Maine GOP Convention. Rep. Lockman spoke shortly about the dangers of Harboring Havens. As you can watch in the video below, following a round of applause, delegates from across the state voted overwhelmingly to adopt Rep. Lockman’s proposal to add ending Harboring Havens to the party platform.

Bigney makes several serious claims against Rep. Lockman in her tweet. Let’s look at them one-by-one.

First, she calls Rep. Lockman “hateful.” It’s a trendy word thrown around by the Left against anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their thought-police, open-border agenda.

But listen to Rep. Lockman’s speech. Is he being hateful by wanting the best job opportunities to go to legal Maine residents? Is it hateful to fight for the safety of legal Maine families? Bigney should consider replacing “hateful” with “courageous” as Rep. Lockman is one of only a handful of elected officials willing to stand up to the Left’s army of swamp creatures.

Next, Bigney accused the Republican from Amherst of lying. The truth is, noncitizens HAVE robbed, raped and murdered legal Maine citizens.

Three violent career criminal aliens beat Portland resident Freddy Akoa to death. That is not a lie. It’s a fact. Maine First Media has obtained the rap sheet for the three Muslim men who pleaded guilty to the murder. Their criminal history spans 81 pages! Among the previous charges were domestic abuse and many assault and theft charges.

The killer of 19-year-old Trey Arsenault was a noncitizen immigrant. Even WGME’s I-Team found that Maine immigration law allows violent illegals to stay in the Pine Tree State. Again, this isn’t some story Rep. Lockman is making up out of thin air; this is a fact, a sad fact that really happened.

A 16-year-old Maine girl was gang raped in a Super 8, and at least one of the sexual predators was an illegal alien.

Even the Portland Press Herald recently reported residents of Bayside are tired of the drugs, burglaries, brawls and sex coming from the Prebble Street Resource Center.

Obviously, there was no lying in Rep. Lockman’s speech.

Next up, Bigney referred to Rep. Lockman as a xenophobe. Listen again. Did the Maine First Project President attack residents from other countries? Or did he talk about the safety of Mainers being put at risk due to immigrants who embarked on violent crime sprees after coming here as our guests?

And finally, Bigney claims Rep. Lockman is “anti-worker.”

The fact is, Rep. Lockman’s proposal to end Harboring Havens benefits working Mainers. It puts Mainers who want to work in Maine first. It penalizes illegals — some of who live off government handouts, and others who steal jobs from Maine families.

It is Sarah Bigney who is advocating against the very workers she claims to represent.

Considering she didn’t say one true thing about Rep. Lockman’s speech in her tweet, one has to wonder if perhaps Bigney has an unrelated beef with Rep. Lockman.

Rep. Lockman is a multi-time sponsor of the Maine Right to Work Bill, which would force unions to recruit volunteer membership, as opposed to the current system of making union dues a mandatory obligation for employment.

Or could it be Bigney’s partisan nature showing through? Just last month, Bigney was a presenter for Emerge Maine award ceremony. The stated purpose of Emerge Maine is electing more female Democrats. One of the award recipients this year was Democrat Rep. Erin Herbig.

However, her stated reasoning is a flawed interpretation of a speech about defunding Harboring Havens in Maine.

And due to Rep. Lockman’s ongoing efforts to put working Mainers ahead of illegal immigrants, the mobilization coordinator for the AFL-CIO is attempting to mobilize residents outside of the 137th legislative district to influence an election outcome.

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