The MFM Convo: Resister Rep. Pingree’s Opponent, Dr. Mark Holbrook

4/26/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

As Maine First Media launches the debut volume of the weekly released Maine Event, we are also introducing a new feature, “The MFM Convo.”

Every week, a political figure in Maine will casually answer some of the questions that matter to Maine-first residents.

In the inaugural edition, Congressional Challenger, Dr. Mark Holbrook gives Maine First Media readers a fire-side chat of sorts.

The Republican Dr. Holbrook — who is challenging Resister Rep. Chellie Pingree in Maine’s 1st Congressional District — explains the role his daughter played in convincing him to run for office, three policies he believes will help struggling Mainers, and what he would talk about at lunch with President Donald Trump.

Dr. Holbrook took some time out to answer our questions following a long day of campaigning.

We provided Rep. Pingree with the same opportunity and asked her the same questions. She has not replied as of the time we’re posting this story.

Let us know who you’d like to see in future editions of the MFM Convo.




  • Mark – thanks for sharing your campaign rationale… I would caution you, however, that what happened to Mr. Kennedy could absolutely happen to anyone running for office right now. This is the most dangerous time that I have lived through (I’m only 34) and you should not underestimate the growing powers of darkness in places where our political system has cast them out and created hate and discontent. The people who claim to support civility have become the thought police. People are hurting. These are scary times and freedom / the Constitution are under constant attack. Please be careful and don’t take anything for granted, including your own safety. God has a plan, and we can have faith in that… but stay alert as you stand up for what you believe in (and keep listening).

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