State Senate Betrays Mainers, Supports Harboring Havens

4/18/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The Maine State Senate voted Tuesday to kill the Harboring Havens Penalty bill.

Had it passed, LD 1833, An Act to Facilitate Compliance with Federal Immigration Law by State and Local Government Entities, would have fined any Maine municipality harboring illegal aliens $500 daily. That would add up to $182,500 annually if cities like Portland didn’t drop their harboring status.

However, the Senate voted down the bill by a final vote of 21-14.

Four RINOs joined in with every Democrat Senator in killing the bill. The four RINOs are:

  • Sen. Roger Katz of Kennebec,
  • Sen. Brian Langley of Hancock,
  • Sen. Kim Rossen of Hancock,
  • Sen. Joyce Maker of Washington.

Last Monday, April 9th, the Maine House voted against fining Harboring Havens. 76 open-border Leftists voted against the Harboring Havens Penalty bill — with only 65 voting in favor of the penalties for so-called “sanctuary cities.” You can see the complete roll call vote by clicking here.

Rep. Matthew Pouliot (R-Augusta) was the only Republican voting against the bill. Five other Republicans missed the vote.

LD 1833 is a Governor’s bill, sponsored by Maine-First Representative Larry Lockman of Amherst.

Maine First Project President, Rep. Lockman, says Maine voters will remember this betrayal in the November midterm elections.

“The no votes were votes to protect violent criminal aliens from deportation, even after many of these ‘new Mainers’ rob, rape and murder Maine people,” Rep. Lockman said. “Senators who voted to enable these thugs should be prepared to explain their votes to the families of Mainers who have been killed by non-citizen career criminals.”

Rep. Lockman introduced a similar bill last year as well. However, the bill was voted down in both bodies of the legislature.

The bill performed better than last year’s version. This legislative session, the bill fell just six votes shy of passing. Last session, the Democrat-led House voted 77-59 against the bill (click here to see the roll call)…six fewer votes for Harboring Havens penalties than Monday’s vote. Meanwhile, last session the Republican-controlled Senate voted against the Harboring Havens penalties 22-13 (click here to see the roll call). That marks a one-vote improvement in the Senate.

Sen. Eric Brakey was the only Maine State Senator to stand and testify in support of the Harboring Havens Penalty bill before the vote.

Maine First Project is circulating a petition in support of ending Maine Harboring Havens. You can click here if you’d like to sign the petition.