Open-Border Maine Reps Vote in Favor of Harboring Havens

4/9/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The Maine House of Representatives voted against levying fines against Maine Harboring Havens Monday; however, the crackdown on Harboring Havens appears to be picking up momentum.

LD 1833, An Act to Facilitate Compliance with Federal Immigration Law by State and Local Government Entities, would penalize any municipality harboring illegal aliens $500 daily. That would add up to $182,500 annually if cities like Portland don’t drop their harboring status.

The final vote fell mostly along party lines. 76 open-border Leftists voted against the Harboring Havens Penalty bill — with only 65 voting in favor of the penalties for so-called “sanctuary cities.”

Rep. Matthew Pouliot (R-Augusta) was the only Republican voting against the bill. Five other Republicans missed the vote.

Despite its failure, the bill will now head to the State Senate. If it were to pass in the Senate, the bill could be reconsidered by the House. However, sources at the swamp of Augusta tell Maine First Media there are too many open-border RINOs for the bill to pass in the Senate. Meaning Maine’s Harboring Havens will likely remain as magnets for illegal aliens at least for another year.

LD 1833 is a Governor’s bill, sponsored by Maine-First Representative Larry Lockman of Amherst.

Rep. Lockman introduced a similar bill last year as well. However, the bill was voted down in both bodies of the legislature.

It should be noted this bill performed better than last year’s version. This legislative session, the bill fell just six votes shy of passing. Last session, the Democrat-led House voted 77-59 against the bill (click here to see the roll call)…six fewer votes for Harboring Havens penalties than Monday’s vote. Meanwhile, last session the Republican-controlled Senate voted against the Harboring Havens penalties 22-13 (click here to see the roll call).

Rep. Lockman says he’d prefer defunding Harboring Havens entirely — and if the $500 daily fine doesn’t get the job done, he’ll introduce legislation doing exactly that.

Maine First Project President, Rep. Lockman also said he supports legislation holding politicians who enable Harboring Havens criminally liable for any of the crimes illegals in the Harboring Haven commit.

Maine First Project is circulating a petition in support of LD 1833 and fining Harboring Havens. You can click here if you’d like to sign the petition.

Maine First Media will continue to follow this important bill as it makes its way through the legislature.