Maine Thought-Police Politicians Look to Violate First Amendment

4/10/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The indoctrination of Maine students is on full display at Camden Hills High School in Rockport, Maine.

The picture below was taken in the hallways of the regional high school a couple of weeks ago.

As you can see, the piece of “art” shows gender identity as coming from the head, instead of being determined at birth.

Parents tell Maine First Media social justice symbolism is scattered throughout the school.


Meanwhile, Thought-Police Leftists are looking to double down on the indoctrination.

This week, the Maine State House is expected to vote on LD 912, a bill constricting how therapists can treat transgenders.

The bill is sponsored by Democrat Rep. Ryan Fecteau of Biddeford.

Rep. Fecteau’s bill prohibits so-called “conversion therapy.” However, “conversion therapy” is loosely defined by the bill and causing legislators confusion ahead of the upcoming vote.

According to the bill, “conversion therapy” is any attempt to reduce or eliminate same-sex attraction or gender confusion, including speech or talk therapy.

If LD 912 were to pass, any conversation not affirming sexual orientation or gender confusion could result in loss of license and/or civil action for fraud.

The free speech-killing bill equates simply talking about any possibility of change regarding sexual orientation or gender identity with torture and abuse.

Furthermore, the bill would be the final word on the subject due to its Statement of Legislative Findings and Intent. The statement also prohibits marketing which would include writing and speaking at conferences.

And as if violating the first amendment weren’t bad enough, Rep. Fecteau’s bill also infringes on client/clinician confidentiality. If passed, the state government would be allowed to invade the privacy of the client/clinician relationship.

Republican Rep. Sue Austin of Gray has offered an amendment that fixes most of these issues. The amended version would keep the client/clinician relationship confidential and would only prohibit conversion therapy utilizing aversive methods like shock therapy, seclusion, ice baths, isolation, etc.

Maine First Media’s James Mosher weighed in on the subject in one of his Mosher Minutes.

If Maine swamp politicians pass LD 912, expect to see far more “artwork” like the piece found in Camden Hills Regional High School, in schools across the Pine Tree State.


  • Churches that counsel people, (pretty much all of whom go to them voluntarily) would be subject to this too.
    I’m sure schools and activists who try to convince young people to “experiment” and who try to convince them they are homosexual are cheered on by the likes of Fecteau.
    How about instead of amending the bill they kill it?

  • Excuse my ignorance… but what right does the state & gov’t have intruding into patient & therapist or doctor relationships? If they pass this, this law totally violates Maine current state law with regards to private information. How can one state law violate in a direct & opposite way another state law? This is with regards to HIPPA. This new law would also violate federal with regards to same.

    • I kind of think they don’t care about HIPPA.
      RCV violates the State Constitution but that’s being allowed to proceed. The AG has an agenda and won’t put a stop to anything that pushes that agenda.
      It’s almost like the State House and AG are daring people to bring lawsuits against them. All defended with our tax money of course.

  • Legislating perversions as a lifestyle doesn’t make it accepted. Surely a sad commentary on the liberal logic that got us to this juncture.

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