Maine House Dems Block Fix to Broken Initiative System

4/13/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The Maine State House fell short of the 2/3’s vote required for a constitutional amendment fixing the Pine Tree State’s broken “people’s initiative” process.

If LD 31 had passed, initiative-signature gatherers would have been required to obtain signatures in each of Maine’s two Congressional Districts, totaling at least 10% of the previous gubernatorial election turnout in each respective district.

Currently, Leftist organizations — like the Marxist Pedophile Authority (or so-called, Maine People’s Alliance) — are able to spend millions of dollars in out of state funds from the likes of George Soros to bombard cities, like Portland, until they have enough signatures to get on the ballot.

LD 31 would have made the process more representative to Maine as a whole.

Unfortunately, enough swamp creatures in Augusta had a stake in making sure MPA was the big winner of the day.

The bill passed by a margin of 92-55. However, that was five votes shy of the 2/3’s required to amend the Maine Constitution.

MPA will be able to continue using the broken process to put up faulty initiatives like the Union Boss Slush Fund Initiative and the effort to steal Maine elections with the failed Ranked-Choice Voting system.

Past Leftist initiatives passed with support of well under half the state, and only after out-of-state dark money flooded into Maine spreading misinformation propaganda campaigns all over the airwaves.

Unfortunately, Leftist Legislators siding with the Marxist Pedophile Authority over working Mainers is nothing new. Just two weeks ago, the Democrat caucus pressured one of their own members into switching her vote and denying Mainers an opportunity for a public hearing on MPA’s Union Boss Slush Fund initiative. The pressure caused the flip-flopping lawmaker to flee the chamber in tears.

While Leftists continue to do the bidding of the Geroge Soros-funded MPA, it is Maine families that are left behind.