Maine House Democrats Vote to Allow Female Genital Mutilation

4/19/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Following swift action from Maine House Democrats on the last day of the legislative session, there will be no Female Genital Mutilation ban in the Pine Tree State.

After months of pretending they wanted to stop the barbaric ritual child abuse of FGM, the Democrat caucus showed their true colors on the issue late Wednesday night.

By a final vote of 77-70, the House killed the FGM ban in a mostly party-line vote. Rep. Cathy Nadeau (D-Winslow) was the only Democrat who crossed the aisle to protect young daughters of immigrants in Maine from this brutal abuse.

You can see a full roll-call vote by clicking here.

Republican Rep. Heather Sirocki of Scarborough points out Democrats voted to kill an FGM Ban in April, which is Child Abuse Prevention Month. And in fact, they did it on the “Week of the Young Child.”

Rep. Sirocki says Maine House Democrats initially decided to table the bill with the intent of letting it cowardly die without the courtesy of a vote. However, supporters of the ban made their voices heard.

“Playing games with a child abuse bill is shameful,” Rep. Sirocki said. “Finally, after hours of phone calls from all over the country and state urging Speaker Gideon to relent, she brought the bill to the Floor at 10:30 pm. The Democrats like to talk about victims’ rights, women’s rights, child advocacy, human rights, and justice — but their votes on this horrific form of child abuse do not back up all of their talk.”

The same FGM Ban bill killed in the House, passed the State Senate 30-5, with only the most far-Left Senators voting against it.

Last week House Democrats passed a toothless bill that wouldn’t actually ban FGM. Rep. Karen Gerrish of Lebanon called the show-vote a sad state of affairs for young, female Mainers.

“It was a feel-good vote that I suppose will make it appear that they voted to ban FGM — they did not,” Rep. Gerrish said.

But late Wednesday night the show was over.

House Democrats threw a tantrum in the wake of Republicans voting against extending the legislative session. The FGM ban was one of several critical bills Democrats killed in a matter of hours. In fact, it was jaw-dropping to watch, after months of little action from the House, Democrat “leadership” managed to pull together votes to kill a handful of good bills in just a matter of hours. The breakneck speed makes one question what “leadership” has been doing all session.

If you’re having a difficult time comprehending how any legislators could be against banning Female Genital Mutilation, the opposition has made their reasoning very clear. They fear offending the immigrant community and being labeled “racist.”

Female Genital Mutilation is the ritual cutting or removal of some or all of the external female genitalia. In some cultures, the vulva is sewn shut, only to be ripped open on the woman’s wedding night.

The practice is designed to curb sexual desire in women.

Along with significant health risk to the young girls, women who suffer Female Genital Mutilation are left with life-long physical and emotional scarring.

To learn more about the horrific abuse, listen to FGM survivor, F.A. Cole’s testimony in front of the CJPS Committee. Cole fights through a panic attack to share her story with Maine Legislators in the hope it would save young daughters of Maine immigrants from suffering through the same terrifying experience.


  • This is heinous. So it is politically incorrect to stop savagery like this? Not in this country. Just no. Not on this earth, but we can’t do anything about that – but we damned well can do something about this.

    • I agree absolutely w/you Ann Rein. It is barbaric to say the least. This is done to LITTLE GIRLS to curb their sexual desire. SICK, SICK, SICK. How could ANYONE condone this? I thought I was seeing things when I read this. I naturally thought it was illegal. DISGUSTING. This decision is unbelievable. Our representative Beth OConnor from Berwick voted YES to the ban.

      • Call her and let this insane woman have it!! I pray that you, and others willing to take the time and effort, start a vocal fire there!! I know if they tried to do this in Indiana, I would be on the front lines, fighting this insanity!

    • Shame on these Democrats. Refusing to ban FGM- unforgivable cruelty to vulnerable children. This is not politically correct. This is monstrous cynicism. May they hear these little girls screaming in their nightmares, for every vote they bought

    • This is one of the worst things the dems have ever done. Disgust doesn’t even begin to describe what they have done! Mutilation of girls is totally WRONG, It is foreign foreign practice and, therefore, against the law.

  • How is saving a child from such a terrible and painful torture being a racist. Wake the hell up and stop using race as an excuse for everything. We all bleed red.

  • There are no words to discribe my disgusting st for those who voted for this and their reasons why
    I don’t want hear. There is nothing thing to justify this type of thinking other than the obvious. Those who voted for this -very warped thinking individuals

  • To put politics above such a horrifying practice is a sure sign of sick and twisted minds. I wonder if any of those who obeyed their party masters are having trouble sleeping. They should.

  • Democrats are America’s worst enemies.

    Then comes, Islam, China, Russia, Iran, N. Korea, Saudi Arabia, Illegals, the anti-America Media, Google, Facebook, Twitter…you know, the usual suspects…

    NOTHING good for the future of America

      • Oh, I think we could fight this in OUR country! I think they should do this to every woman who voted against the ban! See how they like it…most of those ugly broads wouldn’t have worry about it anyway!

  • I live in Indiana. I will be calling all of these monsters as soon as we get back from Europe. These evil, sickening people need to hear from everyone!! I will continue to post this on FB. I can only pray that there is one courageous soul in Maine, willing to take this on, and start a vocal fire about this insanity!!! I am Kari B Gold on FB, if anyone wants to interact!!

  • I live in Indiana. I will be calling all of these monsters as soon as we get back from Europe. These evil, sickening people need to hear from everyone!! I will continue to post this on FB. I can only pray that there is one courageous soul in Maine, willing to take this on, and start a vocal fire about this insanity!!! I am Kari B Gold on FB, if anyone wants to interact!!

  • As a state, allowing Islam’s Sharia law dictate and allow the mutilation of young females and be condoned by our legislature is outrageous. These sick representatives who voted for this should all die a slow painful, long term suffering non-violent death. We are lost.

  • The article gave no reason for the Democratic opposition. I would like to know why they took this action. Often such bills include some kind of poison pill. From the tenor of the articles published by this source listed at the bottom of the page, it is obvious that the orientation is a pretty far right Trump supporter.

    • We actually did give the reason and have throughout our continuing coverage of this bill. You just don’t like the reason. Read the bill for yourself, there’s no poison pill. It’s not even as tough as the FGM ban that just passed in New Hampshire. The bill came out of the CJPS Committee w/ bipartisan support. It passed in the Senate 30-5, w/ bipartisan support, as we reported. Democrats don’t want to alienate the Somali community. The Somali community don’t like the bill because they feel it makes them look bad for participating in FGM as a ritual. It’s all in our reports. James, if you want to be blind to this disgraceful vote by all but one Maine House Democrat, feel free…the rest of us see this for the shameful act it is.

    • The federal law which has been on the books for 22+ years has never prosecuted even one person. Thus, the states have seen fit to do so.

    • You appear so blinded by your hatred of the President, and of Republicans, that you are willing to look away from the suffering this Bill will cause to young girls. You should be ashamed of your callousness.

  • It is not a religious or cultural right to perform FMG on a young child. The Democrats who supported this must know that protecting children should be more important than a few votes. They weren’t thinking about their future voters! No character.

  • This is being done to protect male genital mutilation, which is commonly performed by Americans. The US has a history of female genital cutting as well. Learn more:

    • There is one Sharia-adherent Muslim on the Portland City Council, Pious Ali. Rep. Talbot-Ross read a letter from him to the CJ&PS Committee last session on LD 745 urging them to vote against the bill.

      • “Cutting male and female genitals are similar. 1) They are unnecessary, extremely painful, and traumatic. 2) They can have adverse sexual and psychological effects. 3) They are generally done by force on children. 4) They are generally supported by local medical doctors. 5) Pertinent biological facts are generally not known where procedure are practiced. 60 They are defended with reasons such as tradition, religion, aesthetics, cleanliness, and health. These reasons are used to mask underlying reasons. 7) The rationale has currently or historically been connected to controlling sexual pleasure. 8) They are often believed to have no effect on normal sexual functioning. 9) They are generally accepted and supported by those who have been subjected to them. 10) Those who are cut have a compulsion to repeat their trauma on children, a symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder. 11) The choice may be motivated by underlying psychosexual reasons. 12) Critical public discussion is generally taboo where the procedures are practiced. 13) They can result in serious complications that can lead to death. 14) The adverse effects are hidden by repression and denial. 15) Dozens of potentially harmful physiological, emotional, behavioral, sexual, and social effects on individuals and societies have never been studied. 16) On a quantitative level, cutting the genitals of male and female children are the same. The harm starts with the first cut, any cut.” – Ronald Goldman, Ph.D

        • We’re not having a debate w/ you on male circumcision. You said the reason the Dems voted the way they did was to somehow protect male circumcision, we just pointed out, that is just false. As are many of the comparisons you’ve listed between male circumcision and Female Genital Mutilation…several of the items you’ve listed are simply not true. No matter where anyone stands on male circumcision, to say it’s the same as FGM is just not true. They’re incredibly different things.

          • Incorrect. FGM involves ANY cutting or piercing of a infant girl regardless of intent outside of a medical diagnosis.

            The only difference is the effort in justification for circumcision. That is it. If they put the same amount of effort into finding benefits for FGM they could find it. Esp when you look at the small effect circ has on some of the proposed “problems”. Even the Canadian urological association, upon review of the APA’s claims, said it’s bullcrap.

            So don’t give me the (oh it’s different because one has supposed benefits) “Benefits” based on poor method to justify something we were doing long before we knew of any benefits.

            No no, circ is alteration of the genitals of boys for cosmetic reasons.

          • This is not a debate about male circumcision. You’re fine w/ Maine House Dems voting to allow FGM because of your vendetta against male circumcision…we’re not fine w/ swamp creatures condoning Female Genital Mutilation.

          • What’s not true in what I posted? Perhaps you don’t know much about the issue of genital mutilation as your post seems to indicate.

          • OK, so let’s hear it from a Senate Democrat:

            Female genital mutilation is illegal by federal law so don’t worry. There are no known cases of it being done in Maine and some of the women who have had this done to them are against it because it criminalizes women, but not the leaders who would push this continued practice and have them go out of country. They wanted more education included too and this bill included that. Rep. Hickman worked the Dems hard because the feeling from him and other immigrants was that this was a horribly racist and unnecessary bill. It would start to create a reason for law enforcement to stop immigrant women from traveling to their home countries because they could be accused of going to do FGM. We tried to put on an amendment in the Senate to eliminate the parts that would be the worst for racial profiling, but we failed. This bill was brought by a racist right-wing organization through a Republican representative who is no more an advocate of black immigrant women then Trump is. It was merely a way to make it look like Democrats were voting against these women when in reality this is already illegal.

            Senator Dave Miramant
            Maine Senate District 12

        • Yes! Thank you. We must stop all genital modifications on babies and children whether girls or boys.Enough with the racial, religious, invalid and nonsense medical excuses.

      • The foreskin contains most of the erogenous tissue of the penis. The glans (head) is less erogenous and is more perceptive of pain than pleasure, except for a small area of the corona. The preputial sphincter/ridged band and frenulum are the two most erogenous parts of the penis. Both are typically removed in male genital cutting.

        • What is it about, “this is not a debate about male circumcision, but rather it’s about the barbaric practice of FGM”, that you don’t understand? Save your pseudo-intellectual diatribes for the Press Herald.

          • Both are barbaric and destructive. What is it about that that you do not understand. What is “pseudo-intellectual” about the mutilation of children’s genitalia?

          • You support House Democrats voting to allow Female Genital Mutilation because you’re against male circumcision. We disagree.

  • “Maine First Media
    APRIL 24, 2018 AT 4:20 PM
    You support House Democrats voting to allow Female Genital Mutilation because you’re against male circumcision. We disagree.”

    That’s obviously not true and you know it. I suspect it’s the opposite: YOU support male genital cutting, perhaps have done it to your child(ren), and want it to continue because you are already committed as well as misinformed about human genital mutilation (MGM and FGM).

  • “DB
    APRIL 24, 2018 AT 4:05 PM
    What’s not true in what I posted? Perhaps you don’t know much about the issue of genital mutilation as your post seems to indicate.”

    “Maine First Media
    APRIL 24, 2018 AT 4:17 PM
    A lot.”

    Pitiful reply. Your cowardice is apparent.

  • Before anyone votes for a bill such as this, perhaps they should undergo the procedure themselves to better understand the ramifications.

  • They did nothing of the sort. FGM has been illegal in every state since 1997, so this bill was a waste of time anyway.

    Why is everyone getting so upset about female circumcision when male circumcision happens all the time though?

    It’s illegal to cut off a girl’s prepuce, or to make any incision on a girl’s genitals, even if no tissue is removed , and even if the parents think it’s their religious right or duty. Even a pinprick is banned. Why don’t boys get the same protection? Except in surprisingly rare medical circumstances, everyone should be able to decide for themselves whether or not they want parts of their genitals cut off. It’s *their* body.

  • I was looking for the House bill to do further research on this and why was the Bill number not published with the post? I’m from Kentucky so maybe you do it different in Maine

  • Sick, twisted, leftist Democrats pandering for Somali Muslim votes. The Democrats and RINO’s are selling out America.

    RINO Sen. Sue Collins is cut from the same leftist cloth.

    As far as I can tell the only person left with any brains in the entire state of Maine is the Governor.

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