Maine House Democrats Kill E-Verify Bill

4/20/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Maine House Democrats voted to kill the E-Verify bill Wednesday night.

As has been routine for House Democrats at this point, they voted to put illegal aliens ahead of hardworking Mainers.

LD 1893, “An Act To Ensure Fair Employment Opportunity for Maine Citizens and Legal Residents by Requiring the Use of a Federal Immigration Verification System,” was voted down in a 79-69 vote.

The Maine State House of Representatives originally voted to table the E-Verify bill back in late March.

Mandating E-Verify would crack down on employment opportunities for illegals immigrants in Maine.

Maine First Project President, Republican Rep. Larry Lockman of Amherst, sponsored the E-Verify bill. Rep. Lockman tells Maine First Media, this vote illustrates the backward priorities of the radical Left.

“The same Leftists who want to welcome so-called ‘new Mainers’ to the front of the line for job-training benefits, are opposed to making sure those immigrants are here legally,” Rep. Lockman said. “The Left’s mantra is ‘Foreigners First.’ A majority of the Democrat-led House wants to make it easier for illegals to steal job opportunities from unemployed and underemployed Mainers.”

House Democrats threw a tantrum in the wake of Republicans voting against extending the legislative session. The E-Verify Bill was one of several critical bills Democrats killed in a matter of hours. In fact, it was jaw-dropping to watch, after months of little action from the House, Democrat “leadership” managed to pull together votes to kill a handful of good bills in just a matter of hours. The breakneck speed makes one question what “leadership” has been doing all session.

20 states already have some form of E-Verify mandated, with legislation pending in many more states.

E-Verify is currently free to employers. It provides an automated link to federal databases to help employers determine employment eligibility of new hires and the validity of their Social Security numbers.