Maine First Project vs. Marxist Pedophile Authority: Two Competing Visions for Maine

4/26/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Two political non-profits — two entirely different views for the future of Maine.

Both Maine First Project and the Marxist Pedophile Authority (or so-called Maine People’s Alliance) are sending requests for legislative candidates to pledge support for their agenda for Maine.

Both groups coincidentally are advocating for 20-items. The future of Maine could potentially depend on which organization — and which vision — wins the day.















The Marxist Pedophile Authority’s vision is a new-age twist on the Karl Marx platform. It’s a combination of redistribution of wealth, identity politics and “if it feels good, do it,” mentality. Raise taxes on hardworking Mainers to fund a grab-bag of giveaways to MPA voters. Steal opportunities and freedom from Maine families, while transforming Maine into Sodom and Gomorrah, filled with drugs, gender confusion and a blind eye to crime.

When you break down the 20 questions MPA asks candidates, below is what their radical-Left agenda for Maine looks like:

  • “Universal Homecare” (Union Boss Slush Fund)
  • Ranked-Choice Voting (Stealing Elections)
  • Opportunity-Killing Minimum Wages
  • Medical Welfare for the Young and Healthy
  • Government-Run Healthcare Funded By Maine Workers
  • No Work Requirements for Medicaid
  • Forcing Employers to Pay for Transgender Transitions
  • Abortion For All and On-Demand
  • Free College For Everyone On The Backs of Working Mainers
  • Forcing Employers to Pay for All Sick Days
  • Forcing Employers to Pay for Family and Medical Leave
  • Subsidies for Green Crony Corporatists
  • “Safe Consumption” Places in Public for Open Drug Use
  • Decriminalizing All Drug Use
  • Welfare for Politicians (Forcing You to Pay for Candidates You Won’t Vote For)
  • Raising Taxes
  • Banning Employers from Asking About Criminal Records
  • Mainer-Funded Foreign Welcome Centers
  • Welfare and Other Freebies for Asylum Seekers
  • And Driver’s Licenses for Illegals

The agenda put forth by MPA bosses like Mike Tipping and Ben Chin reads like a wishlist of the most sought-after communist policies in history. No surprise considering MPA is partially funded by Leftist billionaire George Soros.

Meanwhile, Maine First Project is funded by Pine Tree State small-business owners, blue-collar workers and even retirees. And while the Marxist Pedophile Authority has a million-plus-dollar annual budget, Rep. Larry Lockman’s (R-Amherst) Maine First Project is more of a guerrilla operation.

They advocate for an agenda designed to give hardworking Mainers the best opportunities to succeed. To do so, the policies they’re asking potential lawmakers to back include, fixing the broken immigration system, reforming education, increasing career opportunities, lowering costs and draining the swamp of Augusta. You can see it in more detail below:

  • Defunding Harboring Havens
  • Ending the Refugee Racket Resettlement Program
  • Stopping All Welfare Benefits and Aid to Illegals
  • E-Verify for Employers
  • Refocusing on Vocation/Tech Education
  • Eliminating Common Core
  • Reforming Teacher Tenure
  • School Choice
  • Redirecting Subsidies for Worthless Majors to Funding for Vocational/Tech Schooling
  • Making Maine an Income Tax Free State
  • Training and Transitioning Assistance for Careers in the New Digital/Robotic Economy
  • Lowering Healthcare Costs Though Direct Primary Care Programs Combined with Supplemented Catastrophic Coverage and Enhanced Healthcare Savings Accounts
  • Reducing Energy Costs With Hydropower, Heatpumps and Rate Fixes
  • Making Unions More Responsive to Workers and Enhancing Worker Freedom
  • Reducing Burdens on Maine’s Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed
  • Eliminating Regulations on Maine’s Traditional Farming, Fishing and Forestry Industries
  • Building Strong Branding Behind Maine Lobster, Blueberries, Timber
  • Ending Ethics Commission Loopholes
  • And Ending the Budgetary Gamesmanship that comes naturally at the end of each session

It would be next to impossible to miss the contrast between these two visions. One is about total government control, open borders, thought-policing and a “just say no” attitude toward morals. Whereas the other vision recognizes Maine tradition and the power and ability of the individual. This vision attempts to create a path for individual achievement by removing government as an obstacle and by utilizing the limited role of government to create the environment for growth and opportunity.

No matter what you think of their agenda, MPA has proven themselves effective. They’ve succeeded at getting multiple referenda on the ballot and time-after-time are outed as the tail that wags the dog known as the Maine Democrat Party and Fake News outlets.

Meanwhile, Maine First Project has built a strong reputation in a short period. Former House Majority Leader, Rep. Jeff McCabe, blamed Maine First Project (then known as New England Opportunity Project) for his election loss.

Following a “Speaker of the Swamp” postcard hammering House Speaker Sara Gideon, Majority Leader Erin Herbig, and Tax Committee Chair Ryan Tipping for their sleazy ethics, Maine Democrat Party legal counsel, Kate Knox, complained bitterly about Maine First Project’s “aggressive” tactics.

And even the New Hampshire Union Leader has published a hit piece against Maine First Project.

Both organizations are standing out as power players on their respective sides of the political aisle — but what they’re each fighting for couldn’t be more different. The future direction of Maine could be decided by who prevails in this political tug-of-war.

In each of our coming weekly volumes, we will highlight and breakdown — in detail — one of the policies from the Maine First Agenda. Stay tuned!