*CAUTION* Disagree With the Thought-Police Left, They’ll Come After Your Job!

4/10/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro is no longer employed at Skowhegan Savings Bank.

According to CentralMaine.com, the bank is not confirming the reason Mayor Isgro is no longer the bank’s Controller and Vice President. But the move comes following a PC-Thought-Police storm, calling for him to be fired.

Mayor Isgro tweeted “eat it, Hogg,” in reference to Fox News not bowing down to gun-grabbers and refusing to cancel Laura Ingraham’s show.

The “Hogg” in question is the foul-mouthed Parkland, Florida student, David Hogg, who has been on a vendetta to repeal your 2nd Amendment Rights. Hogg has been leading efforts to boycott 2nd Amendment supporters like  Ingrham.

NBC Boston even sent a reporter to stake out for hours in front of the Isgro home following the tweet by this Mayor of a relatively small Maine town.

Mayor Isgro is also under fire for openly advocating for Mainers above illegals and the refugee racket in Maine.

Meanwhile, there is also a petition effort underway to remove Isgro — who has a wife and five children — from his position as Mayor.

It is one thing for political opponents to use these tactics to try and defeat their opposition at the ballot box, or even with a recall effort. However, that’s not enough for the Left.

In an attempt to intimidate their detractors into silence, the Left will target the livelihood of anyone who disagrees with them. Nick Isgro isn’t the first and won’t be the last. It is an Orwellian world when American citizens begin losing their private jobs due to their political beliefs.

A disturbing pattern has emerged in Maine — involving a Geroge Soros backed organization, a RINO consultant and the Fake News media. What we saw with the Mayor Isgro whirlwind is exactly what we saw with the controversy between Sen. Comrade Susan Collins and Maine First Project President, Rep. Larry Lockman.

These “stories” making inflammatory accusations against Maine-first public servants start with the Maine Beacon. The Beacon is the media arm of the Marxist Pedophile Authority (or so-called Maine People’s Alliance). MPA is funded by foreign billionaire Leftist George Soros.

From there, Collins Clone, RINO Lance Duston uses his soapbox to attack. His comments are used to show even “reasonable Republicans” disavow putting Mainers first.

And the next day, Maine’s Fake News outlets like the Portland Press Herald and Bangor Daily News run with the story as if it’s actual news. Proving they take their lead from the Soros-led Marxist Pedophile Authority.

This is the tactic to skip a debate over ideas and instead bully your opponents into submission. No matter how much some people want to fight the good fight, they still have a family to feed.

David Sorensen, who has worked for both President Trump and Paul LePage, is no stranger to losing his job due to untrue claims from the radical Left.

Sorensen penned the below letter to the C.E.O. of Skowhegan Savings Bank in defense of Mayor Isgro. Gov. LePage has also reached out to the bank, explaining what a mistake he believes it is to remove Isgro due to a political disagreement. Sorensen hopes more Mainers will do the same — as no Mainer should lose his ability to feed his five children just for supporting 2nd Amendment rights.

Mr. Witherspoon,

I am an experienced public communicator.  I have studied hundreds of pages of internal polling data and observed focus groups on the beliefs of Maine voters and how they react to certain events and messages.  I have written countless public statements and speeches for a governor and a president, designed and waged protracted public relations campaigns, and closely and patiently observed the news coverage and public reactions to them all.  
For most of modern political history, politicians have gotten bad advice: “That’s true but you can’t actually say it”; “You have to apologize as soon as possible”; and “You will never win if you keep on being so blunt and outspoken.”  I have watched as legislators received a few constituent phone calls about a bill — not spontaneous calls, but calls generated by the opposition — and abandoned their position and even their principles based on paltry and manufactured feedback. 
The elections of Paul LePage and Donald Trump have shattered that advice and proven the durability and resonance of principled and honest communication.  People have far more of a tolerance for it than anyone ever expected just a few years ago.  It’s sad to see corporate America lag behind and react so impulsively and timidly to a negative headline or a few phone calls.  We saw it with Laura Ingraham and her sponsors last week and we saw it with Nick Isgro and Skowhegan Savings today.  
I can assure you, most people in rural Maine where your banks are located either agree with Isgro’s comments or are completely ambivalent toward them.  In fact, many of them would likely be impressed with the bank if it had stood by him.  And in any case, one or two stories in the Maine Today newspapers will have virtually no penetration in the public conversation.  For example, after weeks of PR bombardment with dozens of print and TV stories and talk radio discussion on the dispute over welfare for noncitizens between the City of Portland and Maine DHHS, most people surveyed in a public poll hadn’t even heard of the controversy.  
It’s a shame to see a good man like Nick Isgro lose his livelihood and take a serious hit to his career due to such a kneejerk reaction.  If the bank felt a moral imperative to do something, certainly a suspension or some similar measure would have sufficed.  Certainly the bank knew his position as mayor would inherently involve some public controversy about him in the news.  It’s unfortunate that the bank, knowing what it was getting itself into, did not have the fortitude to show this valued employee the loyalty that he has showed the bank.  
The left wing of American politics is waging a war of personal, political assassination against people in positions of influence who disagree with them.  Sure, the same thing goes on on the right to some extent, but the right does not control the media so mainly it’s a tactic of the left.  
I can assure you, there are people at Maine Dem HQ and elsewhere who are out to happy hour this evening, laughing about how Skowhegan Savings Bank actually parted ways with Isgro and how great it is that they cost him his job.  They are thrilled that it is now less likely that a State Senator Isgro or a Governor Isgro will be advocating pro-business tax and regulatory policy in Augusta.  I can also assure you that there is nobody out there saying, “wow, I still can’t believe what Nick Isgro tweeted, I think so much more highly of Skowhegan Savings for letting him go.”  
Best regards,
David Sorensen