*WATCH* Maine-First Rep. Teaches Fellow Lawmakers Lesson on Harboring Havens

3/19/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The Harboring Havens Penalty bill is expected to be voted on in the Judiciary Committee Tuesday.

In the video above, you can watch the bill sponsor, Rep. Larry Lockman’s testimony at last Thursday’s public hearing.

If the bill, LD 1833, passes, municipalities harboring illegal aliens will be fined $500 daily.

Opponents of the bill have spent little time addressing the substance of the bill, instead focusing on personal attacks on Rep. Lockman, calling him a “racist,” “bigot” and “xenophobe.”

Rep. Lockman’s non-profit organization, Maine First Project has launched a petition drive in support of LD 1833.

Maine First Media will continue to follow the Harboring Havens penalty bill as it makes its way through the legislature. A vote in the House could come as early as Thursday.

Maine First Media’s James Mosher was at the public hearing on LD 1833 and will report on his experience in the next installment of the Mosher Minutes.


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