*WATCH* Aggressive Campaign Illustrates Dangers of Harboring Havens

3/10/18, Maine First Media Staff Report, 

A conservative non-profit organization in Maine has released a new campaign ahead of a public hearing on a bill to penalize Harboring Havens.

It’s a two-part campaign from Maine First Project, pushing for support of LD 1833 a bill that, if passed, would impose a $500 daily fine on municipalities harboring illegal aliens.

The political cartoon at the top of this story is half of the campaign. The other half is the whiteboard animation video below.

Maine First Project is running the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and through their e-mail blast to supporters. Their goal is for supporters to contact legislators in favor of the Harboring Havens Penalty bill.

LD 1833 is scheduled for a public hearing Tuesday, March 13th at 1 pm in the Joint Committee on the Judiciary.

The bill was introduced this session by Governor Paul LePage. Republican Representative Larry Lockman of Amherst is the bill sponsor and is also the President of Maine First Project.

Rep. Lockman says if the $500 daily fine doesn’t stop cities like Portland from illegally harboring criminal immigrants, he will introduce another bill calling for full defunding of Harboring Havens.

He also said he supports legislation holding politicians who support Harboring Havens criminally liable for any of the crimes illegals in the Harboring Haven commit.

A similar bill was voted down in both bodies of the legislature. The Republican-controlled Senate voted against the Harboring Havens penalties 22-13 (click here to see the roll call). Meanwhile, the Democrat-led House voted 77-59 against the bill (click here to see the roll call).

This isn’t the first aggressive campaign from Maine First Media. Last October, they launched a cartoon and video illustrating how expanding Medicaid to the young and healthy would push elderly and disabled Mainers to the back of the line for care.

Maine First Media will continue to follow LD 1833 as it makes its way through the legislature.