Public Hearing Set for Bill Penalizing Harboring Havens

3/6/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The Maine Legislature’s Joint Committee on the Judiciary has finally scheduled a public hearing for a bill placing penalties on Harboring Havens.

The hearing will be next Tuesday, March 13th at 1 pm.

It took more than three weeks for a public hearing to be scheduled after LD 1833 was originally assigned to the Judiciary Committee back in mid-February.

The bill would impose a $500 daily fine on municipalities that protect illegal aliens from arrest and deportation. The penalty would be removed once the municipality ended their harboring policies and complied with federal immigration law.

Maine-First Rep. Larry Lockman (R-Amherst) is the lead sponsor of the bill.

Gov. Paul LePage reintroduced the bill this session.

Rep. Lockman says penalizing Harboring Havens is a step toward removing the handcuffs from around our police officers’ wrists — and putting them back on their belts.

Maine needs to shut off the magnet that draws illegal aliens and terrorists to seek cover here,” Rep. Lockman said. “In the state’s premier harboring haven — Portland — career criminal aliens have murdered Maine people because the city has handcuffed and muzzled its own police department. These killers should have been deported long before they had a chance to kill anyone. The blood of those victims is on the hands of the Portland politicians who enable the harboring of criminal aliens.

Rep. Lockman introduced the bill last year as well. However, the bill was voted down in both bodies of the legislature. The Republican-controlled Senate voted against the Harboring Havens penalties 22-13 (click here to see the roll call). Meanwhile, the Democrat-led House voted 77-59 against the bill (click here to see the roll call).

Rep. Lockman says he’d prefer entirely defunding Harboring Havens — and if the $500 daily fine doesn’t get the job done, he’ll introduce legislation doing exactly that.

Maine First Project President, Rep. Lockman also said he supports legislation holding politicians who enable Harboring Havens criminally liable for any of the crimes illegals in the Harboring Haven commit.

Maine First Media will follow this important bill as it moves through the legislative process.

  • LD 1833 is a quintessential “no brainer” as is the anti-FGM bill. Don’t count on the Maine People’s Alliance or their allies in the media or legislature for support, however.

  • Anyone who takes the time to speak to police officers in Portland will tell you, off the record, that what goes on with drugs and gangs because of the illegals and refugees would shock you. Go to the public librariy and watch for yourself what goes on there or ask the security guards. Portland is beautiful because of its geography but is becoming a s**t-hole. It’s hidden to the tourists once you cross Cumberland Ave. and go toward Commercial St. where they visit.

    Plus, the Superintendent of Schools now wants to raise the residents’ property taxes by 9% to accommodate the influx of students who can’t speak English and to teach them remedial social skills. It’s cultural suicide and time to vote out the Leftists who sit on the City Council.

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