Open-Border Leftist Playing “Racial Profiling Card” in Maine

3/22/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Two glaring examples of the Left’s over-reliance on the “racial profiling” card are on prominent display in Maine.

First, one Leftist organization is pressuring a private company to defy federal law.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Maine has requested Greyhound Lines prevent federal agents from performing routine immigration checks on its buses.

ACLU of Maine joined ACLU chapters in nine other states signing a letter with their demands to Greyhound Lines.

Greyhound says they received the ACLU’s letter, but are compelled to comply with federal law.

The ACLU erroneously claims Greyhound is not obligated to cooperate with immigration checks.

However, U.S. Border Patrol is legally permitted to conduct warrantless citizenship checks within 100-Miles of U.S. borders and costs — which encompasses all of Maine.

The ACLU maintains the checks are racial profiling.

Their complaint stems from just one citizenship check in Bangor in late January. 

Meanwhile, “racial profiling” failed as a defense for an illegal immigrant who was arrested back in September by a State Trooper in Portland.

Mario Ernesto Garcia-Zavala, of Honduras, has been convicted of entering the U.S. after being removed or deported.

Garcia-Zavala’s lawyer attempted to use the “racial profiling” card to as a defense.

It didn’t work.

During sentencing, Garcia-Zavala faces potentially two years in prison, $250,000 in fines, and two additional years of supervised release. It is likely he’ll be returned to Honduras following his sentence.

However, that is no guarantee Garcia-Zavala will actually stay out of America.

Back in March of 2014, illegal alien Garcia-Zavala had been ordered to return to Honduras. He never applied for re-admittance into the U.S. and did not have legal status when he was arrested last September.

Maine’s Fake News outlets attempted to smear the arresting officer, Trooper Robert Burke III.

Burke was raked over the coals by open-border Leftists for doing his job well — arresting a van full of illegal aliens.

Trooper Burke was vindicated by Garcia-Zavala’s conviction, but that does not make up for the Fake News outlet’s assault on Burke’s character and integrity.

You can read more details on the original arrest and the Fake News outlet’s “racial profiling” play by clicking here.

Important to note, had Garcia-Zavala been pulled over by a Portland Police Officer, the officer would have been prohibited from inquiring about Garcia-Zavala’s legal status due to Portland’s Harboring Havens policy.

Despite Greyhound’s insistence on complying with federal immigration law and despite the conviction of illegal alien, Garcia-Zavala, unfortunately, this won’t be the last we see of the “racial profiling” card in Maine.

  • I expect nothing less from an organization, the ACLU, which was founded by a communist, Roger Baldwin. Every day now I go to MFM’s website for the facts that the progressives in the lamestream media won’t give us about ME’s political environment. I urge everyone to visit and search for the ACLU under the heading “Organizations”. The so-called “guardian of liberty” is anything but.

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