Maine Swamp Madness: Who Did You Crown the First Ever Sultan of the Swamp?

3/31/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Maine Swamp Madness voting is closed, the results are in, and Maine First Media readers have crowned the first ever Sultan of the Swamp.

And the winner is…

Senator Comrade Susan Collins!

There were plenty of twists and turns along the way, upsets, landslides and close calls with nearly 2,000 votes cast.

Here’s a complete list of the results from the 2018 Maine Swamp Madness tournament, voted on by you, the Maine First Media readers.


Round of 64

  • Sen. Susan Collins defeated former State Senator and Rep. Sharon Tate in a landslide.
  • Emily Cain of Emily’s List beat University of Maine Professor and Bangor Daily News columnist, Amy Friend in a surprisingly easy matchup.
  • In our first upset of the tournament, AFL-CIO Lobbyist, Matt Schlobohm knocked off the Death-Threat Rep. Scott Hamann.
  • The scandal-plagued, Rep. Ryan Tipping held on to defeat seven-term Rep. Jim Handy.
  • Former State House Majority Leader, Jeff McCabe ran away with his matchup versus former State Speaker Glenn Cummings.
  • RINO State Senator Tom Saviello defeated State Senate Assistant Minority Leader Nathan Libby.
  • Voice of the RINOs and Comrade Collins clone, Lance Dutson made easy work of State Senate Minority Leader Troy Jackson.
  • Democrat Gubernatorial candidate and former Speaker, Mark Eves beat former Attorney General Jim Tierney in a landslide.
  • Grandfather of the Swamp, John Martin made quick work of former State Senator Justin Alfond.
  • Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Diane Russell defeated former Lefty-Legislator Libby Mitchell.
  • Criminal Justice and Public Safety Co-Chair, Charlotte Warren won a close contest with Portland Press Herald columnist Bill Nemitz.
  • Open-border RINO Sen. Roger Katz beat Maine Public reporter Steve Mistler by a wider margin than expected.
  • Attorney General and Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Janet Mills didn’t break a sweat in defeating Lefty-Lobbyist Josh Tardy.
  • Energy Committee Co-Chair Seth Berry barely eeked out a win over Leftist Lobbyist Severin Beliveau, by just one-percent.
  • Former Speaker and President of Maine Community Foundation Steve Rowe won a close contest over former RINO legislator Peter Mills.
  • Former U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe defeated former State Rep. and State Sen. and current Angus King staffer Chris Rector.
  • Democrat-in-disguise, Sen. Angus King beat former State Sen. and eight-term Rep. Peggy Rotundo in a landslide.
  • Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling beat NMCC President Tim Crowley by a much larger margin than analysts predicted.
  • State Rep. and State Sen. Candidate Erin Herbig knocked out Former Sec. of Def., U.S. Sen., and U.S. Rep. Bill Cohen.
  • Mike Tipping of MPA and Maine Beacon beat six-term State Rep. George Hogan by the widest margin in the 1st round.
  • State Senate President Mike Thibodeau defeated former Governor and Congress-Critter John McKernan.
  • Leftist State Rep. Rachel Talbot-Ross defeated former State Treasurer Dale McCormick.
  • After starting neck-and-neck, Democrat Party Chair Phil Bartlett received a late run to knock out gay rights and RCV advocate, Georgia’s Kyle Bailey.
  • Current Speaker of the Swamp Sara Gideon easily beat former Speaker of the Swamp John Richardson.
  • Former Governor John Baldacci defeated State Senator Justin Chenette.
  • PPH Editorial Page Editor Greg Kesich upsets Former Governor, Attorney General, Congressman and legislator Joe Brennan.
  • Assistant State House Majority Leader and U.S. Rep. Candidate Jared Golden defeated former State Sen. George Mitchell.
  • Ben Chin of the Marxist Pedophile Authority defeated former BDN Reporter and current Leftist activist Mario Moretto.
  • In a RINO vs. RINO match up, House Minority Leader Ken Fredette defeated Criminal Justice and Public Safety Co-Chair Kim Rosen.
  • AFL-CIO Lobbyist, the scandal-plagued Adam Goode defeated former Speaker and current lobbyist Mike Saxl.
  • In a close contest, lobbyist and gubernatorial candidate Betsy Sweet defeated BDN reporter Chris Cousins.
  • Resister Rep. Chellie Pingree beats former State Sen. and former Portland Mayor Michael Brennan.


Round of 32

  • Comrade Collins defeats Emily Cain easily.
  • Ryan Tipping barely beats Matt Schlobohm.
  • Jeff McCabe knocks out Tom Saviello in a landslide.
  • In a nail-biter, Mark Eves took out Lance Dutson.
  • John Martin defeats Diane Russell.
  • Roger Katz beats Charlotte Warren.
  • Janet Mills wins over Seth Berry.
  • Olympia Snowe defeats Steve Rowe.
  • Angus King easily beats Ethan Strimling.
  • Mike Tipping defeats Erin Herbig.
  • Mike Thibodeau edges out Rachel Talbot-Ross.
  • Sara Gideon beats Phil Bartlett in a landslide.
  • John Baldacci defeats Greg Kesich.
  • Ben Chin wins over Jared Golden by a wider margin than expected.
  • Ken Fredette beats Adam Goode in a squeaker.
  • Chellie Pingree defeats Betsy Sweet by the widest margin of the second round.


The Fake-Sweetener 16

  • Comrade Collins defeated Ryan Tipping in a landslide.
  • Mark Eves knocks out Jeff McCabe.
  • John Martin easily beats Roger Katz.
  • Janet Mills upsets Olympia Snowe.
  • Angus King defeats Mike Tipping in a close contest.
  • In a battle of “Leadership,” Sara Gideon beats Mike Thibodeau in a landslide.
  • Ben Chin upsets John Baldacci.
  • Chellie Pingree beats Ken Fredette by the largest margin of the third round.


The Gang of 8 –

  • Comrade Collins defeated Mark Eves in a landslide.
  • Janet Mills upsets John Martin in a nail-bitter.
  • Angus King edged out Sara Gideon in an upset.
  • Chellie Pingree knocks out Ben Chin in a landslide.


The Filthy Four –

  • Comrade Collins defeated Janet Mills in a close contest.
  • Angus Kind beats Chellie Pingree in a close contest.


Sultan of the Swamp –

  • Comrade Susan Collins defeats Democrat-in-disguise Angus King to be crowned the 2018 Sultan of the Swamp!


Thank you for voting in Maine Swamp Madness! We had such great response, expect a return of the tournament in 2019.

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