Maine State Senator Seeking to Disguise Votes on Foreign Workforce Bill?

3/4/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The Foreign Workforce bill has been temporarily tabled in the Maine State Senate. But the tabling could be part of a back-room parliamentary maneuver.

RINO Sen. Roger Katz is the bill sponsor for LD 1492, the Foreign Workforce bill.

When Katz presented the bill to the Education Committee last year, the proposed legislation would have created a new Cabinet-level “Office of New Mainers,” as well as funding for a new Foreign Welcome Center in Lewiston. Sen. Katz amended the bill earlier this year to eliminate the new Cabinet-level position and the Welcome Center.

The scaled-down bill on the Senate docket provides new funding of nearly $2 million for English language instruction for immigrants. That sum would be in addition to the $19-Million yearly Maine taxpayers already spend on ESL (English as a second language) instruction in Maine schools.

LD 1492 was on the Senate docket Thursday, but “Republican” State Senator Brian Langley of Hancock moved to table the bill.

However, sources at the State House tell Maine First Media, the tabling is merely a stalling tactic on behlaf of the self-proclaimed “social justice” advocate Sen. Katz.

You see, Sen. Katz is using the extra time to round up support for a parliamentary procedure called “under the hammer.”

If the bill sponsor motions for a bill to proceed “under the hammer,” and no Senator objects, the bill is considered to be passed unanimously.

The cloak-and-dagger trick would allow the bill to move forward to the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives without forcing any of the Senate Republicans to go on the record voting for or against the Foreign Workforce bill.

The bill would only need one Republican vote to pass the Senate on a party-line roll call vote. Considering the bill is sponsored by a Republican, it is sure to pass the Senate.

With Democrats controlling the House, it will likely pass there as well, with plenty of timid Republicans voting in favor. And it would come to the House with strong momentum if the Senate passes it unanimously. At that point, it will be up to Governor LePage to sign or veto the bill.

In the likely event of a veto, we will then see if there are enough Republicans in the House to sustain a veto. The Senate is so top-heavy with RINOs that the body is almost sure to override a potential veto.

If Sen. Katz succeeds in getting LD 1492 through the Senate under the hammer, the move will provide political cover for GOP Senators who support new subsidies for immigrants who don’t speak English, but fear the wrath of the voters if the Senate has a roll call vote.

Should LD 1492 pass the Senate under the hammer, it will hinder the ability of groups like Maine First Project from informing voters which lawmakers voted to put immigrants ahead of life-long Mainers.

Maine First Media will continue to follow LD 1492 as it makes its way through the Legislature.