Foreign Workforce Bill Passes in Maine Senate

3/16/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The Maine State Senate passed the Foreign Workforce bill Tuesday; the bill will now go to the State House.

LD 1492, An Act to Attract, Educate and Retrain New Mainers to Strengthen the Workforce passed the Republican-controlled Senate with only a handful of votes against it, 26-7.

Interestingly, Republican Senator, Eric Brakey of Auburn not only voted against the open-borders bill but was the ONLY Senator to speak against the bill on the floor of the Senate.

Sen. Brakey — who is challenging Democrat-in-Disguise Sen. Angus King for his U.S. Senate seat in the 2018 Midterms — has made previous comments against strict immigration controls (example 1, example 2). But not only did he speak against the Foreign Workforce bill, but he’s also a co-sponsor of the Harboring Havens Penalty bill.

Sources at the Capitol tell Maine First Media Sen. Brakey was also instrumental behind the scenes preventing bill sponsor, RINO Sen. Roger Katz of Kennebec from passing the bill “under the hammer.” If Sen. Katz had moved to pass the bill under the hammer, and no senators objected, the bill would have automatically been deemed to have passed unanimously — preventing a roll call vote. There would have been no record of any senators voting for or against the open-borders bill ahead of the November elections. And if that had happened, the House would have likely moved to do the same.

LD 1492 would provide nearly $500,000 in taxpayer funds to English language learning programs. Mainers already pay $19-Million annually in English-As-A-Second-Language funding with little to no results to show for the investment.

Previous incarnations of the bill included the creation of a cabinet-level, Office of New Mainers, and the construction and staffing of a Foreign Welcome Center in Lewiston. However, an outcry from Maine-First advocates and pressure from groups like Maine First Project led to the bill being scaled down.

The bill will now move to the Democrat-controlled House, where Swamp Speaker Sara Gideon is expected to put it on the fast track. The Foreign Workforce bill should pass in the House with ease before heading to Gov. Paul LePage.

Gov. LePage will likely veto the bill, but unfortunately for Maine workers, there is a good chance the bill has veto-proof margins of support in both bodies of the legislature.