Fake News Journalists Aren’t Even Hiding Censorship Anymore

3/7/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

An editor for the Portland Press Herald has publicly endorsed and applauded the censoring of conservative speech.

On his Facebook page, PPH Editorial Page Editor, Greg Kesich shared a Maine First Media story about the Ellsworth American’s creation of a “civility test” to qualify what views the Fake News outlet is willing to publish.

As you can see in this picture at the top of the story, Kesich celebrated the Ellsworth American’s decision not to allow Republican Rep. Larry Lockman of Amherst the opportunity to respond to fraudulent accusations made against him by open-border Leftist, RINO Sen. Susan Collins.

Rep. Lockman responded to Kesich’s post, writing, “It’s so bizarre to hear an alleged journalist celebrating the suppression of free speech. It’s like you have a death wish for your industry.

The President of Maine First Project, Rep. Lockman, says it’s the motives for the Fake News outlets’ censorship that are concerning.

The PPH, BDN (Bangor Daily News), & Ellsworth American are absolutely free to reject my op-ed,” Rep. Lockman wrote. “But look at their stated reasons for rejecting my column, and ask yourself whether it’s ideology or journalism that drives the editors…Greg Kesich rejected the op-ed because he is an ideologue who is okay with having his newspaper smear me as a white supremacist, but denying me space to rebut the slanderous accusation. And you wonder why the Fake News industry is circling the drain?”

Local Fake News outlets are not alone in their attempts to silence conservative voices. Social media conglomerates like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, have recently been deleting conservative accounts and blocking conservative posts. In fact, Pam Geller has reported Facebook’s recent algorithm change has negatively impacted conservative news outlets, while Leftist news sources like CNN and the New York Times have gone unaffected.

Maine First Media has seen a dip in our reach since the algorithm change.

Maine First Media has also been Shadow Banned on Twitter. Our posts are all also marked as “sensitive,” meaning only accounts with special settings can see our tweets. And Twitter recently deleted more than 3,300 of our followers, despite Maine First Media receiving a 99% audit score.

You can read Rep. Lockman’s full op-ed that PPH, BDN and the Ellsworth America refused to run by clicking here.