*BREAKING* Caller Threatens Life of Maine-First Representative

3/2/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The Clerk of the Maine House of Representatives received a threatening phone call Friday morning targeting Rep. Larry Lockman, Republican of Amherst.

According to the Clerk, the call came in around 7:30 a.m. Friday.

Capitol Police say the female caller seemed impaired while ranting about rape. She then warned Rep. Lockman should, “resign or die.”

Authorities traced the call back to Laren Williams of Indianapolis, Indiana. Capitol Police told Rep. Lockman that Williams is associated with Citizens Action Coalition. However, there is no mention of her on the Leftist organization’s website.

The Amherst Republican says these types of threats are nothing new to him, mentioning he receives similar sentiments via e-mail and social media occasionally.

“My critics — and the Left generally — have stirred up so much hatred, people now feel they have license to threaten the lives of people they disagree with,” Representative Lockman said. “And unfortunately, sometimes those threats lead to violence. The shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise at a ball game is a horrific example. I choose not to be bullied into silence by the hate-mongers. Rather, I will continue to advocate for a Maine First agenda — no matter how many radicals that upsets.”

Williams told police her call was not meant as a threat and that everyone dies eventually. However, the logic doesn’t hold up, as it is difficult to take, “resign or die,” as anything other than a threat.

The Leftist activist was likely triggered by wide-spread lies circulated about Rep. Lockman. Leftists propaganda platforms, politicians and organizations have purposely published a nearly three-decades-old misquote from Rep. Lockman who was making the point both rape and abortion are morally wrong. Leftists have routinely smeared Rep. Lockman’s name by knowingly taking the comparison out of context.

Rep. Lockman is seeking re-election this November in House District 137, which spans three rural counties north and east of Bangor. In addition to his legislative service, he is the President of the aggressive, conservative non-profit organization, Maine First Project.

  • From experience and observation, I have found threats come from those who are either jealous or threatened by the one being threatened. Larry should count this as a sign he is doing right! I see that those who want “peace” and “tolerance” do not coexist very nicely with those who oppose their views.

  • We are grateful for legislators such as Rep. Lockman and Rep. Sirocki and a few others. They take the heat for us conservatives. They will never get a fair shake by the Leftists at the PPH or BDN or Maine’s version of Antifa, the Maine People’ s Alliance. Thank you MFM.

    The MPA is simply the latest incarnation of Marxist revolutionaries who have been agitating against our country and the West for decades. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Laren Williams is a card carrying member of the MPA despite being from Indianapolis.

  • I am profoundly saddened by the unhappiness that seems to be her life. There is only ONE that can transform her heart and I pray she finds Him.

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