The Mosher Minutes: The Immigration Conversation

2/14/18, by James Mosher,
Logic can be a powerful tool.
Last week, I presented a testimony in front of the Lewiston City Council. The council was considering officially supporting a bill in the state legislature to “recruit, educate and retain” immigrants and refugees to Maine.
As Maine First Media has previously reported, the council passed the measure of support with a 6-1 tally.
You can watch my testimony in the video below.

After the city council meeting, a Somali mother of five — who delivered a fairly emotional testimony — asked to talk with me.
The woman was Fowsia Musse of Healthy Androscoggin. Ms. Musse was a part of the Working Group that drafted the proposal to the Lewiston City Council recommending support for the previously mentioned legislation, as well as a host of other measures to encourage more migrants to come to Lewiston.
Shortly after I spoke, she gave a testimony of her own, where she called out Mainers as being the problem, not immigrants.

Following the meeting, we spoke for roughly a half hour. She seemed to be very reasonable as we talked privately. I asked her if I could pose two questions before we started.
She said, “Yes!”
“First, let us take race and religion out of the discussion,” I suggested. “Although I believe that ideology plays a major role, I want to whittle the argument down to it’s basic parts.”
Then I presented her with this proposal:
“I am a husband and father. My wife and I have four kids. So, there are six of us. I am currently out of work and we are down on our luck. Would it be possible to stay at your place for a few days, weeks, or months?”
She answered, “We don’t have the room.”
I responded, “What if I told you that we are coming anyway. We will make room. Alright?”
She repeated, “I might want to help, but we don’t have the space.”
We went back and forth with the hypothetical situation a little longer. But she ultimately understood my first point; it is not a viable solution (economically, or physically) for the six of us to find accommodations in her home.
Understanding the family to be the bedrock of nations, I believe it is fair to say, what can be applied to the smallest part, should hold true for the whole.
We are a nation wallowing in debt to the tune of trillions.
In the hypothetical we discussed space. However in reality, the issue isn’t space as much as it is costs. We have enslaved posterity. We cannot invite more mouths to feed, simply because open-border Leftists say it’s racist not to.
Furthermore, as I attempted to convey in my testimony, a major component of the puzzle is an ideology that aims to crush liberty, namely, the religion of peace.
I asked my second query to Ms. Musse while holding up my left hand. I opened it and closed it as I inquired, “How much of this (referring to my left hand) is entitled to the contents of that?”
I pointed to her purse and fixed my gaze upon it.
She smiled.
I said, “My contention with LD 1492 (the legislation in question) is that taxpayers are being fleeced. I might add, if we are to be honest, who’s responsibility is it that you learn English?”
She emphatically answered, “Mine!”
Her answer left me with only one response, “and yet, you are here tonight demanding that others pay for your responsibility?”
While an accountant’s argument will almost never win over an emotional appeal — often logic can cut through emotion and demonstrate hypocrisy.
In the next Mosher Minutes, I’ll bring you the details of my experience testifying in front of the Lewiston School Committee, who was considering the same bill.
Stay tuned as we are living in an age that requires vigilance!