The Mosher Minutes: The Epic Failure of Multiculturalism and the Left’s Race Card

2/6/18, by James Mosher,

The “no labels,” “celebrate diversity crowd” seem to be sure of one thing: they know racism when they see it. Over the last two weeks, their chief offensive weapon has been to paint individuals as racists.

Jason Lavoie, a candidate for Maine state representative, and Larry Lockman, Maine State Representative of Amherst, have recently come under fire for, you guessed it…being “blatant racists.”

Before going any further, let us be clear about the truth though. These men are not racists. They are realists.

On January 16, the Lewiston city council discussed plans for an immigrant resource center. After a handful of proponents expressed their opinions, Jason Lavoie offered his.

He remarked about offering area businesses the same respect that immigrants demand from Lewiston residents. He specified that criminal behavior of immigrant children had impacted some of the cities’ storefronts. Lavoie highlighted the need to address the criminal activity before moving forward with the discussion about the immigrant resource center.

Lavoie was gaveled down by the newly-elected RINO mayor and labeled a racist by the Lewiston Democrat Party.

Immediately after Lavoie had finished, a woman self-identifying as a Somali mother of eight, rose to speak. She was offended by Lavoie’s statements and retorted:

“Lewiston and Auburn is colorful because of us. We have created colorful people. We have done a lot of good work. We have grown its population. We are very smart in schools. We are the most resilient people and courageous people that you could ever meet…because of us the state of Maine is great, because of us the city of Lewiston is good, because of our children we have schools that are performing well, we’ve got thriving economic development. I am tired of people dividing us…we are not going anywhere. We’re here to stay whether you like it, or not.”

Imagine if the statements of Lavoie and the Somali mother were reversed and Lavoie had said, “Lewiston is white because of us. We have created whiteness. We have done a lot of work. We have grown its population…because of us the state of Maine is great…”

Lavoie said nothing even remotely close. But he has been labeled as the face of racism in Lewiston.

Several days ago, Rep. Lockman was linked to “white supremacists” for comments he made in an e-mail regarding LD 1492,  An Act To Attract, Educate and Retain New Mainers To Strengthen the Workforce. Lockman’s remarks about the “Left’s War on Whites” ruffled feathers and culminated in Sen. Collins’ denouncement: “Representative Lockman will not be getting my support for re-election…I am very disappointed in many of the comments he’s made.”

Again, we at Maine First Media know the truth! Rep. Lockman has been a staunch advocate for policies elevating Mainers. Many would call his actions in Augusta responsible governance.

How is it that the “all inclusive, uber-tolerant, no judgment zone” lefties and RINO sympathizers have zero room in their collective hearts for men like Lavoie and Lockman?

I submit that there is only one reason. Leftists and RINO powerbrokers despise those with different perspectives. Nonconformists threaten the agenda. Period!

For years now, Maine progressives have championed the merits of multiculturalism. The movement continues despite overwhelming evidence from Europe and plenty of data in the US that demonstrate the epic failure of multiculturalism. Europe is in ruins; there is economic chaos, a migrant rape epidemic, and sharia “no-go zones” for starters.

One of the greatest economists of our time, Dr. Walter Williams, expounds upon why the experiment has not worked. Today immigrants “migrate here and import the failed cultures of their homeland,” Dr. Williams said, “They want to bring in ideas of oppression to women and to homosexuals, they want sharia law and other things like honor killings, and that’s not part of America.”

“The difference between migration today and migration yesteryear is that people came here to work,” Dr. Wiliams continued. “And the reason they came here to work, is because if they didn’t work, they would starve because there was no welfare state.” Today, migrants come with a laundry list of demands, among them, “that classes be taught — and official documents be printed — in their native language.”

This past week, during a work session for LD 1492, Sen. Roger Katz presented insight into the purpose of the legislation. He said, “to me, it is not any great coincidence that part of our workforce dilemma and shortage in Maine is related to the fact that we are the least diverse state in the United States of America and that contributes I think to our labor shortage…the emphasis of this bill is largely on English language.”

Katz is not alone. This is the progressive narrative fostered by men like Maine gubernatorial candidate Mark Eves, Portland mayor Ethan Strimling, et al.

Let us consider the argument from a different angle to see if it holds up.

According to 2010 census data, Detroit, Michigan has the largest percentage of blacks (84.3%) per total population. Imagine saying, “Detroit is in shambles because it is too black. What Detroit needs is more whites.” Comments like these would easily send the left into a kamikaze death spiral.

What is true, however, is that ideology has contributed to Detroit’s demise. Leftists have presided over her ruin.

Instead of determining the factors that have contributed to Maine’s economic dilemma, progressives push forward with a supposed fix. They aim to get out the word: Maine is open to and will provide for “new Mainers”; migrants need only to come and get in line for the bennies.

No worries! Maine’s productive will pay for it all.

Except, the burden is becoming too great. The taxpayers are already footing a hefty bill for the welfare safety net that has become a hammock; too many, including noncitizens and even illegals, are on the dole.

The cost (i.e., economic, demographic/cultural, political, etc.) is the problem. The economic impact has already been highlighted by former Mayor of Lewiston, Bob Macdonald:

“We’re one of the poorest cities in Maine, and they’re all coming here. We can’t afford this.”

Facts do not move the left.

The comments of Lewiston’s two councilors during a January 16th  city hall meeting, superbly depict the nature of the difficulty before us; basic economics was subjugated by anecdotes.

Councilor Lysen mentioned “fear” and “hate” as reasons that people are opposed to helping immigrants. He suggested that the naysayers need to “get out of the way.”

Imagine telling the one through whom income is derived (your boss) to get lost. Not many employers would stay seated for that kind of talk.

Imagine telling the parents of the young girl who Garang Majok and his boys gang-raped in Westbrook to “get out of the way.”

But Lysen did not stop to consider sound reason before running his mouth.

Councilor Beam had zero concern for the cost of the resource center because she believes that “it will pay for itself.” So many “happy feelings” will be generated that money will just fall out of the sky. Most of us learned as children that money does not grow on trees.

Milton Friedman’s wisdom is rather appropriate here:

“Very few people spend other people’s money as carefully as they spend their own,” Friedman said. “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.”

It is time for a real discussion about the costs of Maine’s multicultural experiment. And don’t be fooled, many of our legislators do not share the same concerns as us commoners. We lack champions because few possess the intestinal fortitude.

For many legislators, collaboration is more feasible than confrontation. The agenda must be countered, or we will soon be well down the road that Europe has traveled. Much damage has already been done.

Don’t wait for politicians to correct themselves and never accept the progressive narrative. Often you must dig for the truth.

We must seize the initiative. Study and engage, or as President Ronald Reagan said, we will be telling our kids “what life was like in the United States where men were free.”

Ours is most definitely a “time for choosing”; will you lead, will you follow, or will you get out of the way? There is only one answer if we are to remain free.

Let’s get to it!