Maine State Senator Doubles Down on Support for Importing Foreign Workforce

2/26/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

RINO State Senator, Roger Katz issued an op-ed in the Lewiston Sun Journal Sunday calling Maine’s demographics a “tsunami.”

The open-border Leftist from Kennebec called his LD 1492 Foreign Workforce bill only a “down payment” to counter the so-called “tsunami” of Maine’s dying, white population — suggesting Sen. Katz envisions far more spending for importation, training and retention of a cheap, foreign workforce to Maine.

Sen. Katz went on to call anyone who believes in prioritizing Mainers first, “hateful” and “ugly.”

Furthermore, he said it is Mainers’ responsibility to teach English to immigrants who don’t already.

You can read his full piece by clicking here.

RINO Katz was responding to Rep. Larry Lockman’s op-ed, also in the Sun Journal, calling out the racist identity-politics bully tactics of the open-border Leftists pushing for Katz’ LD 1492.

Among the many facts Rep. Lockman presented in his piece — that Sen. Katz completely ignored — was that Maine workers already spend $19-Million annually for English-As-A-Second-Language teaching, with only abysmal student achievement to show for it.

“It’s disappointing that he (Sen. Katz) didn’t address the points I made in my op-ed piece,” Rep. Lockman said. “Worse still, he deliberately misrepresented my position on giving preference to English-speaking immigrants. But that’s OK. Katz’s letter is more evidence that the Left is incapable of rational debate on immigration. All they have is Alinsky’s rules for radicals: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Meanwhile, many Mainers have been left behind as the economy has shifted to new fields and industries and thousands of Mainers languish on waiting lists for care.

But Sen. Katz prefers to spend millions more on teaching immigrants English.

“If Maine is to turn around the aging demographic tsunami the state is facing, current residents must welcome hard-working people, no matter where they are from,” Sen. Katz wrote. “If those newcomers don’t speak English, current residents need to help them learn.”

Rep. Lockman believes Sen. Katz’ priorities are misguided.

“Katz wants to throw another couple of million dollars down that drain, while 1,600 elderly and disabled Mainers languish on the notorious Medicaid waitlists,” Rep. Lockman said. “Katz is okay with shoving them aside to confer benefits on low-skilled foreign-born immigrants, many of whom have no intention of assimilating.”

Katz’ Foreign Workforce bill calls for “recruiting, educating, and retaining” new Mainers. It would create a new Foreign Welcome Center in Lewiston to the tune of around $2-Million on the back of Maine workers. It also would create a new cabinet position, “Office of New Mainers.”

Maine First Media will continue following LD1492, the Foreign Workforce bill as it continues to make its way through the legislature.