Maine’s Fake News Outlets Use Hate Group as Story Source

2/9/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

It should have been a celebration.

Lawmakers coming together to stop a barbaric practice of child abuse — with most of the victims being young, Muslim girls.

However, Maine’s Fake News outlets decided on a different approach. An approach that would better fit their open-borders, PC-thought-police, Leftist agenda.

On Tuesday, Republican Rep. Heather Sirocki of Scarborough hosted a special event to raise awareness of the cruel practice of Female Genital Mutilation. Rep. Sirocki has a long history of fighting against Female Genital Mutilation.

The event was part of Tuesday’s International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation.

The same day, Republican Governor Paul LePage introduced legislation banning Female Genital Mutilation.

How did the so-called mainstream news cover the story? By citing a hate group as a source in an effort to smear Rep. Sirocki.

The Portland Press Herald’s original story was almost exclusively about the Southern Poverty Law Center releasing e-mails between Rep. Sirocki and a group called Act for America. SPLC considers Act for America a “hate group” because the organization fights against terrorism.

PPH’s original headline for their hit piece was “Rep. Sirocki Accused of Recruiting Anti-Muslim Group to Support Female Genital Mutilation Bill.

After Mainers criticized the story, PPH, changed the headline, update the story with some content on the actual special event and legislation and closed the comment section.

However, the permalink still reflects the original headline. And if you google the story, you can still find results featuring the original title — but it takes you to the updated story.

The Bangor Daily News also ran with the SPLC accusations against Rep. Sirocki.

As did WMTW’s Paul Merrill in the onscreen live tag closing his story.

Read this press release from Act for America, does it sound like the rantings of a hate group?

The real hate group is the Southern Poverty Law Center.

SPLC targets organizations and individuals they disagree with (aka, conservatives) and labels them “haters.” This label from SPLC can and has resulted in victims losing their livelihoods and reputations.

What gives SPLC so much power to ruin the lives of their political opponents? News media like PPH, BDN and WMTW using SPLC as a “credible” source.

As investigative journalist John Stossel has reported, SPLC has smeared victims of Female Genital Mutilation for speaking out against the practice. They’ve also attacked former Muslim extremists who have reformed and now stand against radical Islam.

Other “radical” organizations SPLC has tarred-and-feathered include the Family Research Council (for daring to defend traditional marriage) and the Ruth Institute (for believing that, if possible, adoptions should first go to families with a married mother and a father).

Dr. Ben Carson and radio and television personality Laura Ingraham are also labeled as “extremists” by SPLC.

The Southern Poverty Law Center started with a great mission of outing the KKK. However, the KKK and similar hate groups have dried up and have little-to-no influence remaining. In order for SPLC to survive, they had to expand who they target. Now, it seems anyone with conservative beliefs is considered an extreme hater.

And PPH, BDN, WMTW and Fake News Outlets across the country continue to use the hate group that is the Southern Poverty Law Center, as a source to attack their political opponents.

We know Rep. Sirocki will continue her fight to protect the children of Maine from abuse, no matter how many hit pieces the Fake News outlets release.


  • Excellent assessment of the SPLC especially the 5 minute John Stossel video which is a must view for everyone.

    I chimed in on the hit piece the SPLC did on the FGM bill and Rep. Sirocki seen here:

    Of course, they deleted my comments in support of this legislation. However, they allow low-lifes to post whatever they wish as long as it supports any SPLC narrative. Read this screed from “RenaultRetainer” and it’ll give you further indication of who these people really are:

    “Whassamatter little attention whore snowflake? Are you triggered now? You already have replies to every single other post on this topic, what do you want, to take over the whole page?

    Moron. Your post got deleted by the automatic censor, which doesn’t allow certain words. And if you’d actually spent some time here, instead of coming over for no reason except to spew, you’d know every single one of us has fallen afoul of it. But noooooooooo you’d rather spew about being a martyr!!! You’re being REPRESSED!

    Congratulations, Barbie, on proving there is absolutely nothing inside your thick, tiny plastic skull but the ends of your hair and air.

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    Since there is nothing in what you post worth debating, and absolutely nothing that is even remotely of any interest to me, I am blocking you now. And since you only understand tiny words and simple concepts I will have to explain that to you in a way you will understand. I will not see one word you post, ever. Not even the Oh! So Smart! Comeback! With All! The Best! Words! that you were planning on writing as you read this with one finger under the words on the screen and your lips moving.

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    See, I have better things to do with my time than scrape the rancid poo from a Trump yapdog out of my email.”

  • That was an awfully long post for someone who “had better things to do with his time” than respond to you lol. Keep fighting Frank!

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