Lockman vs. Collins

2/1/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Sen. Susan Collins says she will not support Rep. Larry Lockman’s re-election efforts this cycle.

Jake Bleiberg of the Bangor Daily News tweeted the RINO Senator’s comment late Thursday morning.

The tweet implies Sen. Comrade Collins took offense to the phrase “the Left’s War on Whites.”

The phrase was used by Rep. Lockman in an e-mail newsletter sent from New England Opportunity Project. Rep. Lockman is the President of the grassroots advocacy organization.

The email requested NEOP supporters to call members of the Education Committee and urge “no” votes on a proposal from Sen. Roger Katz building a multi-million-dollar foreign welcome center and establishing a new department, “Office of New Mainers.”

Rep. Lockman appeared unfazed by Sen. Collins’ “disappointment” in him.

“What’s really disappointing is how out of touch Sen. Collins is with what’s going on in Maine right now,” Rep. Lockman said. “While she’s concerned about a phrase in an email from NEOP, many Mainers — myself included — are more concerned with her actions at the swamp in Washington D.C.! I’m not losing any sleep over not getting her endorsement, in fact, she lost my support long before today.”

It is not clear if Sen. Collins actually read NEOP’s action email, if she read the Maine Beacon’s hit piece about Lockman from earlier this week, or if she was responding off the cuff to a question from a reporter about the Beacon’s Fake News article.

Rep. Lockman addressed the “War on Whites” comment in a small section of an op-ed he wrote for Maine First Media yesterday.

The op-ed was about Sen. Katz’ bill and the Left’s race-based identity politics tactics.

In the op-ed, he clearly states what “War on Whites” means to him and NEOP.

“When my advocacy group, New England Opportunity Project, uses the term, “War on Whites,” we are opposing the PC thought-police attempt throughout the mainstream media, academia, and politics to brand white people as “bad.” We are NOT suggesting whites as a race are inherently better than anyone else. We are NOT implying that any other races are inferior.

But we are calling out the Left’s racist tactics defaming Maine’s white population as undesirable, and we are steadfast in opposition to the Left’s open-borders political agenda.”

You can read the full op-ed here.

Open-border Leftists have long tried to brand white people as “bad,” as part of their efforts to force diversity and import cheap foreign labor who will vote for Democrats.

Democrat gubernatorial candidate and former House Speaker, Mark Eves has said: “Maine’s whiteness is bad news.”

While pushing for an “Office of New Mainers” and a new multi-million-dollar Foreign Welcome Center, RINO Sen. Roger Katz has said Maine’s demographics are, “nothing to be proud of.”

A Maine immigration attorney publicly called Maine “too old and too white.”

Leftists even invent new terminology to attack Caucasians, like, “white privilege.”

The examples of the Left attempting to paint white people as the enemy go on-and-on.

When Leftists use the phrase, “War on Women,” no one assumes what they really mean is women are better than men.

The same holds true for the phrase, “War on Whites.” It does not make you a White Supremacist to point out the Left’s constant attack on white people.

But apparently, the out-of-touch Sen. Comrade Collins — who supports legalizing DACA recipients — has decided to play along with the Leftist line of attack.

As Rep. Lockman points out, he lives in Maine’s second district. President Donald Trump carried the second district by 10-points. Meanwhile, Sen. Collins didn’t even vote for then-candidate Trump and isn’t sure he’ll be the GOP nominee come 2020.

“Sen. Collins has lived her entire adult life in the swamp, and it’s really beginning to show,” Lockman said.


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