Lewiston School Committee Examining Support of Recruiting More Immigrants to the City

2/13/18, Maine First Media Staff Report, 

The Lewiston School Committee voted Monday to create a subcommittee to explore the idea of officially endorsing a piece of state legislation “recruiting, educating and retaining” a cheap, foreign workforce in Maine.

A Maine First Media contributor was in attendance and reported the committee members appeared, “blindsided by the measure.” Our contributor suggested committee members seemed unprepared for the discussion. Which could explain the move to create a subcommittee to further investigate the possibility of officially supporting LD 1492.

There was some debate about abstaining from endorsing the bill altogether before ultimately deciding on the creation of a subcommittee.

The Lewiston school district is struggling, sitting near the bottom of the state rankings.

In fact, Lewiston School District ranks 168th out of 172 in the state. SchoolDigger.com awards the district zero stars.

Making it curious why the school committee is focusing on RINO Sen. Roger Katz’ controversial bill proposing to spend millions of your tax dollars on adult education and job-search assistance for immigrants and refugees, a new Foreign Welcome Center and the creation of a cabinet position of “Office of New Mainers.”

Stay with Maine First Media will for details on the meeting, including video.


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