Gov. LePage Puts “Maine People First” in State of the State Address

2/14/18, Maine First Media Staff Report, 

Maine Governor, Paul LePage delivered his final State of the State address Tuesday night.

Gov. LePage struck a “Maine-First” tone while delivering his statements.

Early on in his remarks, the Governor referenced President Ronald Reagan’s final State of the Union address, “leave it to history, we’re not finished yet,” Gov. LePage said. His comments indicate he does not plan to rest on his laurels in his final year as Governor, “…put on your work boots our job is not done…now is not the time to slow down.”

The theme of the night was the Governor putting people before politics, spending his final days fighting for Mainers who are voiceless in Augusta.

Gov. LePage pointed out the hypocrisy of the Left calling for compassion while pushing policies that hurt everyday Mainers. Here are some of the examples the Governor mentioned:

  • Subsidizing solar panels for wealthy home owners at the expense of the poorest people in Maine;
  • Raising taxes on hard working families to expand welfare entitlements for the young and healthy;
  • Catering to activists in the halls of the state house instead of struggling family businesses on Main St.

In what may have been the biggest news of the night, the Governor said he will move forward with Medicaid expansion for the young and healthy, but only under certain circumstances. According to Gov. LePage, the legislature must appropriate the funds without:

  • Increasing taxes on Maine Families;
  • Increasing taxes on Maine businesses;
  • Dipping into the state’s “rainy day fund;”
  • Using one-time funding gimmicks;
  • Reducing services or funding for nursing homes, or people with disabilities.

The Governor said before expanding Medicaid to the young and healthy, the legislature must fully fund vulnerable Mainers who are still waiting for service.

“I’m very serious when I tell you that it’s important the disabled, the elderly, and those with mental, the intellectual disabilities are put in front of the line, and not behind the line,” Gov. LePage said.

The Governor added that we need to “take care of our own,” and that we need to “take care of it NOW.”

Gov. LePage spent a good deal of time discussing bills he’d like to see passed in the legislature.

He said lawmakers should expect to see bills coming that develop Maine’s workforce and makes strategic investments in our economy.

While open-border Leftist concentrate on importing a cheap, foreign workforce, Gov. LePage would like to attract young Americans to come to Maine by creating a thriving environment for job creation.

Gov. LePage mentioned Right to Work as one of the policies needed to bring in manufacturing jobs. The Governor told the story of speaking with the CEO of Airbus. He said the CEO asked two questions, what are the energy costs in Maine and is Maine a Right to Work state.

A Right to Work law would enhance the freedom of Maine workers by ensuring no worker is forced to pay union dues as a condition of employment. Every state that’s passed Right to Work in recent years has seen a surge in job creation, especially in manufacturing.

Meanwhile, the Governor believes lowering energy costs for Maine families and businesses is one of the keys to securing a bright economy in the future.

But Gov. LePage isn’t just focused on attracting young Americans to Maine. He’s intent on keeping young Mainers in the state.

He pushed for a Maine student debt relief program. The Governor is calling for $50-Million bond to fund zero-interest student loans for Maine students who attend Maine schools.

Along with keeping the current crop of young Mainers, Gov. LePage suggested parents get busy…getting busy!

“Most important for Maine right now, we need to have children,” Gov. LePage said.

He also urged the legislature to fix the runaway referendum problem plaguing Maine.

The Governor took just a few moments to point out a few of the many accomplishments of his administration:

  • Made state government more efficient and more accountable;
  • Paid of our hospital debt;
  • Reformed welfare.

The Governor closed by saying he’ll “continue to fight until 11:59 AM on Inauguration day.”

“You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich,” Gov. LePage said. “You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer. You cannot further the brotherhood of mankind by inciting class hatred. You cannot build character and courage by taking away peoples’ initiative and independence. You cannot help people permanently by doing for them what they could and should be doing for themselves.”