*FISA MEMO* FBI Used Fake Documents to Obtain Warrant Against Trump Campaign

2/2/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has released a staff memo detailing the corrupt nature in which the Obama Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation illegally investigated the Trump campaign.

President Donald Trump today signed off on declassifying the document so it could be made available for public consumption.

You can read the memo by clicking here.

Volunteer Trump Campaign Advisor, Carter Page.

The memo explains how DOJ and FBI applied for a warrant to surveil Carter Page, a volunteer adviser for the Trump campaign.

However, the DOJ’s and FBI’s case to obtain the warrant relied heavily on a dossier funded by the Democrat National Committee and the Hilary Campaign.

The dossier was created by Christopher Steele, a former FBI source who has been revealed as being a Never-Trumper. Steele has admitted to being “desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being President.”

Steele was paid $160,000 by the DNC and Camp Clinton specifically to manufacture ties between then-candidate Trump and Russia.

Again, it was this Steele dossier that was used by the DOJ and FBI to obtain a warrant to investigate the Trump campaign, specifically Trump adviser, Carter Page.

Christopher Steele, Creator of Phony Trump Russia Dossier

The FBI would later terminate their relationship with Steele for disclosing leaking documents and disclosing his covert connection to the FBI to the Fake News media.

According to the memo, neither the DOJ or FBI disclosed to the FISA Court Steele’s connection to Democrats, the Clintons or his hatred for Donald Trump.

The DOJ and FBI also used a report by “journalist” Michael Isikoff of Yahoo News, corroborating the claims made in the Democrat-paid-for Steele dossier. However, it was Steele who leaked the story to Isikoff. Steele was Isikoff’s only source in the report, meaning the report was the same “evidence” as the dossier, not additional evidence.

In summary, the memo reveals the Obama DOJ and FBI knowingly peddled a fake report — funded by President Trump’s opponents — to obtain a warrant to spy on the Trump Campaign.

Now, remember back to the then-President Obama laughing at President Trump for suggesting he’d been wiretapped.

Not only should this report open members of the Obama DOJ and FBI for criminal investigations, but it also proves without a shadow of a doubt Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into ties between President Trump and Russia is nothing more than a hate-fueled witch hunt.

The Mueller investigation should be shut down immediately without another cent of American taxpayer money being spent.

This politically motivated witch hunt has wasted at least $5-Million of American taxpayers’ money. And that amount was as of December 1st and is only the amount Mueller has acknowledged.

Before the release of the FISA memo, Democrats tried to suppress the declassification, citing national security concerns. After reading the memo, ask yourself what national security risks do we face now that the American public knows about the Obama DOJ and FBI corruption.

Democrats weren’t alone. RINO Sen. John McCain — who is too ill to do the work in the U.S. Senate he was elected by the people of Arizona to do — tweeted that releasing this memo only serves to help Vladimir Putin.

Maine First Media is unclear as to how this memo helps Putin and Russia.